As the next steps unfold on my path I wanted, not only to keep you updated, but to start sharing different elements from this natural way of being. Clearing out our Hucha, inviting in Sami and Ayni…but I’m getting ahead of myself…where shall I begin?

After 8 years of intensely working with Andean Mysticism, I still feel like I am scratching the surface – but I have heard many experienced teachers say this about these rich ‘Shamanic’ arts. Slowly I have begun offering more and more workshops -& Despachos. It’s such a joy to share something close to my heart – and a deep passion of mine.

I see the growth within me, and sometimes cannot believe how possible and simple it’s been, just practicing this path.

At the same time there is so much guidance, that I feel I am in a story book. We all, I am sure, have read about these people who have a path choose them. That it carries and transforms them. They hold on for dear life as information downloads, trains them, chipping away at the old, opening up talents and skills unimagineable at the start.  Pioneering a new frontier. …so to be inside of this happening to me, has me filled with wonder – and gratitude for the abundance of guidance.I have my seat belt on and holding on for the ride.

Since a child Peru has called me, and as I delve into this ancient wisdom, I feel truly blessed as I become one of the Westerners initiating as a Paqo, to take this out into the modern world. If I thought I had purpose before as a healer and teacher, well I hadn’t seen anything yet! Lol. …that is shy compared to my current obsession and devouring of learning and embodying that happens these days. It feels like after the lightening struck me a few years ago, someone turned up the fast forward button to full, and then it really took off with many flips and spirals. And I have a feeling that this purpose has only just begun- who knows where I will be with it is a few years- right!!!

Anyway the reason for this blog, is Hucha.  As a kinesiologist, clearing sabotage patterns has been central to my healing work for 27 years now. But that has begun to shift – my healing sessions are still powerful and transforming but going beyond that now! It includes sabotage patterns, but is now part of a MUCH larger whole. A whole wide world of energy interaction and guidance I didn’t think possible – called Sami & Hucha.

Hucha effects our emotional, spiritual, physical and mental states – and more! In some ways it is so simple, and yet it is the most complex thing I have ever learned about….or played with.

As we all know, everything in the Universe is made of energy – living, vibrant energy. Everything.

The wonderfully wise Qero’s are aware that there are different states of this energy. They don’t need science – they know through experience. And through this ancient wisdom that has been passed down for thousands of years, that there are 2 categories to this living energy.  The highest frequency and purest being ‘Sami’ (Quechua)- and the heaviest, densest is Hucha. The entire Qero way of being, their healing, their spirituality- their path, is all about managing this Hucha & Sami. It is the currency of being a human being – it is our part to play in the larger scheme of things. We Human Beings – the only creatures on earth- able to create Hucha! Isn’t that fascinating.

As we have become more out of touch with nature – inner and outer, so we have slowly lost the ability and the know-how to manage our Hucha. Detaching from it even. And creating chaos……as we ignore responsibility for it.

So as I mentioned above….core to this whole path, is learning how to work with Hucha and Sami. How to clean up. How to release. How to share it, to play our part in supporting nature to be richer!!!

How about that for a comment – to make nature richer. And to continue the cycle of giving and receiving this living energy….which is called Ayni.

All ceremonies, despachos, rituals, eating breakfast, being in the flow of our lives involve living energy. It involves Sami and Hucha. There is no protecting or resisiting – there is flow and welcoming!

So the gift of this ancient Andean mysticism, is one of tools, skills, and ways of being that reconnect us deep within again to working with Hucha. It is profound and deeply life changing. Transforming our every day view of life. Transforming how we heal. Transforming how grow. How we take part in the larger scheme of things. Opening to allow the earth and all on it to blossom and grow too.

Now you know a little as to why I love this so much. I feel connected to all aspects of life & nature. It is not a concept.  It is a way of living- that supports all of us to thrive. It is the ultimate win-win situation!

So going forward I will be offering introduction classes for you too to learn about this. Many people feel like they have come home when they learn about this – like I did.

It’s not complicated. It just needs time, as we remember a way of being – embodying what we learn until it becomes a natural way of being. So along with short taster workshops, I will also be offering a 10 month long programme to learn the many aspects to this path. Giving you the time to learn, receive, practice and embody.

The other amazing thing about this, is that this is practical! It’s not a theory or a list of things to remember. Mind orientated notes and downloads. No – this is about experiencing for yourself, the wonders when we tune fully into the living energy…and interact with it. You don’t need special skills or talents….or psychic perceptions. It will unfold naturally. In fact what has been interesting for me is unlearning… opening to simple perception. What is truly natural …and heart based. In fact my intuition has grown in leaps and bounds beyond what I thought was possible.

I hope you will join me to discover what I mean about Hucha. I hope to create a community of us  – living life in a very ancient way that meets a very modern time. Supporting each other and bringing an ancient wisdom back into our western way of living.

So watch this space…