You have most likely heard me say often, that I teach in the same way I was taught by the Q’ero’s – orally. Training, life stories, experiences & practices all handed down through the art of speaking . …opening to a world of communication & nature we didn’t know existed.

Since centuries past, the Inka’s and now their Andean descendants, the Q’eros, have had no written language – not even written maths!

It is a beautiful mystery to me, which I learn more about as I deepen my journey with the Q’eros.

Scientists however don’t understand this: how the Inka knew so much about astrology & building, creating the largest & wealthiest empire at it’s time, with no writing or maths recorded! So of course, archaeologists and historians have spent hundreds of years studying this culture, trying to figure this out, & only recently discovered the ‘language’ contained in Quipu’s.

Quipu’s are a weaving method, made of knots (see the main picture above), and through this the Inka/Q’eros have kept a history of their culture with dates, events, tracking agriculture etc through this system of counting. Remarka

Mother's cloth with soothing symbols for the child

Mother’s cloth with soothing symbols to wrap a child in. ©KWeinman

bly it’s not written but weaved. A recording device!

The other way that a record has been kept of their culture, history, & their deeply honoured connection to nature and the earth

(besides orally) is through the symbology weaved into their cloths, blankets & clothes. Weaved into their cloths are symbols of Pachamama, Wiracocha (God) important parts of nature like the Sun, their Llama’s, rivers as well as historic events and many, many more.

From when they are small children, the Q’eros begin learning how to weave (regardless of their sex) & are taught orally, shown each symbol & it’s meaning that their Grandfathers or Grandmothers taught them. It is an ancient, ancient craft that continues today.

Paqo Chullyu (hats with ‘bobbles’) and ponchos of Q’eros ©KWeinman

But what is more astounding, is that the initiates, priests and healers weave the ENERGY of these nature beings into their weavings too! They are not just a depiction of a symbol- but the energetic connection too. Once a Pampamesayoq has been initiated & given permission to practice, they begin weaving their own Chullyas , (the hats with the ‘bobbles’ at each ear) weaving in the nature beings that they honour and wish to have support from.

I am sure those of you have joined me for Despachos, Haywariquys, ceremonies etc, have seen the beautiful weavings that are used at the altar or in the ceremonial poncho that I wear. They all hold the precise frequencies & connections to nature that I require specifically for a task. And/or more importantly, specifically for me & my needs as an individual who serves & guides the ceremony. We all have our specialities in these nature relationships. Mine being with Pachamama, Water, Wind and the Nustas (the goddess feminine nature beings) etc. And so the energetic connection/the relationship that we as initiates have built is weaved into the physical. Mirroring the energy that is weaved into our bubbles, body, mind & heart!

KWeinman Jaquar Lake Ausengate ©KWeinman

Why am I telling you all this?

Because you as an everyday individual can do this too for yourself.

When I say we are disconnected from nature in modern civilisation, I’m saying we have lost touch with this weaving of energies with nature in our culture. We may have lost this way, but we can birth & build it again – we simply need to be shown how, to remember this very natural way of being …to pioneer this – weave it back into our collective!

In these ceremonies, classes and practices I share, it’s an opportunity to begin making connections, building these relationships, to begin weaving these energies consciously.

Which bring you so much healing & empowerment. For a newcomer they don’t see the exquisite workings that happen in the invisible – that has very tangible results- until they experience it for themselves. And a weaving is a great way to explain how thread by thread, layer by layer as we open to nature, we begin to transform ourselves into the most beautiful light. Becoming a higher consciousness, expressing from our hearts and expressing to the world the beauty that we are- and the true connection to all of life, that is natural for all human beings.

Our brains don’t understand it as we go through the journey– and that is why I do not teach anything in a hurry, like over one weekend. But over periods of time. Giving space for my students to begin to notice these oddities, pick up threads, new languages, and dance with them…weaving it into our existence.

Of course everyone is different. And so although everything that is taught on my workshops is oral- there are different ways to experience this path. For example….

Both the Pachamama workshop, & the Paqo programme offer practices to directly engage with Pachamama & Nature, so that each student can have many experiences of their own. And then, take that language & nature relationships into the rest of their lives, for expansion & transformation.

While on the ‘Earth Within’ workshop, participants get to experience each element the ancient facilitation skills offer, and then ground them in their bodies with movement & dance!

While the Ñusta Karpays,  the Goddess rites– through ceremony & transmissions welcome the Nustas to engage energetically with each participant. eg. a surrendering & allowing for Dona Theresa to help clear away our heart. Or the wind to clear our voices. Etc.

You see? Many different ways to begin weaving nature in & through us.

Leaving Students forever changed by the beauty nature has to offer – but also,

we discover belonging: 

A place where we fit into the larger cosmos …where we remember that we are one with the great weaving of life. It is deeply healing & nourishing.


* so if you feel called to remember your place in the weaving, please click here for info on the workshops, or on the titles of the workshops above. Hope that give you something to think about?