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A Ceremonial Journey Through the Elements


Last online workshop:   2021
Facilitated by Karen Weinman & 5 Rhythms facilitator :
With ancient practices from the Q’eros of Andes mountains of Peru, and the dynamic movement medicine of 5 Rhythms, we’ll consciously weave and integrate the elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire through our inner realms!
Join us on this workshop as we travel through all the elements, returning ourselves to a place of harmony, creativity and balance with our inner nature.
At a time when we may be feeling off balance, disconnected and pulled in all directions, we really need nature and her power. This is an opportunity over 11 weeks, to give ourselves the space to take care and feel part of the whole again, in a heart-filled way.
healing with fire element workshop

Ground and embrace the Earth within

Soothe your Waters

BE the Fire

Cleanse and delight as the Air

Integrating and dancing your elements into harmony.

Your facilitators will hold the container and teach you ways that not only will bring a balance in the moment, but leave you with tools for the future.
Karen Weinman –a Pampamesayoq, Andean healer and priest, with 30 years experience facilitating transformation and nature-based teachings, will guide you through meditations and practices, introducing you to a path of connection with Pachamama and all of nature’s elements. The Andean tradition encourages us to remember our place in the family of nature.
And co-facilitated with an Accredited 5 Rhythms Teacher who profoundly guides us through the 5 stages of flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness.
This shamanic movement practice of being IN your body- that ignites creativity, connection and community,
is a perfect match with the fundamentals of the Andean Tradition and nature!
Incorporating the energy & strength of each element with movement in our bodies and ancient Andean know-how,
to reconnect us to the nature-al wisdom of our bodies, to unleash healing power.
You need no experience in either modality, nor need to be a dancer.
Just a willingness to bring your body, mind and spirit present to this workshop with an openness
to the guidance of your facilitators -and Nature’s powerful wisdom!

5 Rhythms Facilitator wanted

The inception of this workshop was guided from the start by the elements themselves! ‘They’ suggested I put Andean medicine together with the 5 Rhythms movement. (I love both modalities, but am only (happily) qualified in Andean Medicine). So it became a successful collaboration. 

I discovered that Andean Medicine and 5 Rhythms facilitate the journey through the elements extremely well, and so, I am always open to collaborating again with a 5 Rhythms facilitor.

If this calls you, please know, I require a co- facilitor that really has deep experience with the movement medicine and facilitating groups. This is not for newly qualified facilitators. Preferably you have trained with Gabriella Roth directly, as she also taught workshops and facilitation with the elements, which holds you in good steed. 

You do not need any experience of the Andean medicine, that is what I hold and can introduce you too. So get in touch if it calls you , and let’s see if we can create magic together 


Tuesday evening  workshop is 11 sessions 

To book your place, & more info:


We will use Zoom as our online channel, giving you the privacy of your own space.

For the movement sessions you will need to connect a (little) speaker to your computer, and create a space to be able to move in your kitchen, your hallway -your lounge. 

This series counts as 20 hrs elective towards the 5rhythms teacher training.

You don’t need a large space – be creative, and create your private altar space.  

Each fortnight we’ll interact within and dance with an energy of our inner nature element- supporting ourselves to travel home to our centre!


Book here! ...or have a question? Contact me:

How beautiful this trip has been, to feel the elements both inside and outside of me. Know, live and experience its qualities within me. I feel that this process has just begun and I have the motivation to explore the earth, water, fire and air that are in me, and the benefits that being aware of it brings me, refining my intuition, listening to my feelings, attentive to dreams and the signs.
I feel a certain sadness to finish this cycle and say goodbye to you.
Thank you Karen for inspiring me, thank you 5 Rhythms too for guiding me, thank the group for opening your hearts.

I don’t think words can truly explain how I feel about this workshop, it felt more like a soul quest then a workshop to be honest. It really was a space of inner revelations, & feel enriched. Together with learning about the elements, it was about my body, being one with it and about movement for me. Thank you for being a part of my journey and learning. .
Karen & 5 Rhythms are a phenomenal team, I cannot wait to see what you will have on offer next… Thank you for holding the space, guiding me and strengthening me through this beautiful journey, and of course for the words, the movement, the music & the practices.
Finally thank you to the elements for showing up and for Pachamama holding us so beautifully.

What a perfect combination, dance, free movement and nature! Thank you for birthing this in me and my life. 


I want to give heartfelt thanks to Karen and your co-facilitator. Together you created a sacred space for us to reach out beyond ourselves and find the nature of the elements, to be one with the elements, and then bring them within ourselves with dance and exploration.

You created space that was encouraging, supportive, mentoring and extraordinarily filled with love.

Thank you for also holding sacred that space that allowed each to be themselves, without judgement or criticism. We celebrated each other. I wish you all blessings, love to you all.


Thank you Karen for your support and guidance on this wonderful journey … and thank you to each and every one of you for the beautiful expression and sharing that you’ve brought in. My heart is open, my mind is calm, my feet are buzzing with excitement.


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