For 27 years now I have practiced as a healer, facilitator and Teacher. In that time I have facilitated with the most amazing modalities. Modalites that have- and still do bring miraculous results. ….but here I am, putting my full weight in the Andean sacred arts….why?

And let’s not get misled here. I am not endorsing one over the other. There is power in Kinesiology- to access the mind’s power, clear sabotage patterns and be really specific about the cause of an illness or blockage. And the Transformation Game -it’s named that for a reason. Even as I taught ‘Pathways To Inner Mastery’ over 20 years, I was aware that as powerful as the mind is- it is still IN THE HEAD!

We as a collective have had to learn about this human power – the hard way. It has revolutionised our current generations way of living. To discover that we can attract, manifest- and control purely with our minds. This has been a necessary step in our evolution of Humankind. But it has gotten out of hand- there is an imbalance we are living in that needs to be rectified. Yes? Nature always seeks the balance. So I wanted to share with you my own personal experiences of the Andean path, for you to understand the gold that is found in this sacred art.

I think we all agree that this is a time of great change. But to what? And how? And this is where the Q’eros, living high in the Andes come in. They have been holding these ancient ways for hundreds of years waiting for the glaciers to melt, and the signs to tell them: time to share!

You see, the Andean practices are simple, practical – and incredibly profound in that they teach heart-centred, inclusive, interrelated ways.

The mind is a power -yes- but it is only one of 3!

Our hearts and our action bring much balance to our very existence.

Because of the imbalances within me, as a Westerner, when I first began dancing with these initiations and practices, it brought up a lot of ‘stuff’. Stuff? Yes emotional charge, negativity. Feeling lost. separated. Angst. Noticing I wasn’t fitting in. Aloneness. I wanted to run and hide, because I didn’t know better. …it was a good sign. It meant I was clearing away Hucha.

I have written about Hucha before, but simply put -this is all the heavy energy that we create just by being a human who’s head is out of control. Everytime we have drama. Everytime we have an issue. Complain. Are negative. See a violent movie. Think way to hard to think something through. Judge another or ourselves. Criticize. Feel shame. gult, embarrassment….cut off from love…..this creates heavy energy which accumulates within us, within our bubbles (our aura) and when that is full up- we dump it ‘out there’. ….where it accumulates and magnetises more hucha.

Now the thing is that this is actually our purpose as human beings. 

Yes! When we give this Hucha away consciously to nature, it feeds it! and Nature transforms it into GOOD energy! and then feeds us back!

So In the process of discovering this path, I have cleaned out on ALL levels of my being. Down to the very makeup of cells – the very base layer of my existence- the energy of who I am has had a good dusting.

I did not always understand what it was that I was clearing, but over the years, have come to realise, this is my head, wanting to know the details. And it’s really UNnecessary! Not only do I not want to understand – but I want to slow the cycle down to not create any more than necessary!

Now Hucha is food I can gift out with deep awareness.

And I can interact with Nature with love – and not destructive unconscious energy!

I notice now, that when I am triggered, I am not lost in it for days or weeks or months or years. I immediately go ‘practice’ and release this hucha- which usually brings deep insight- and a feeling of peace and love. Which brings me back to centre.

This has been a massive shift in my life. And of course when there is less hucha, you are not triggered as much. You also have a LOT more energy. A LOT more light. My body is healthier! I feel connected to the source at a level within my body, I didn’t know was possible.

I am able to take care of my power. Yes, before it leaked away- or I wasn’t aware I even had it! Very often the stuff I carried wasn’t even mine.So I was empowered with awareness – and to release it.

A colleague of mine put it so well, when he said how this path gave us each the tools to be able to work on ourselves independently. So we don’t need a healer, a counsellor, a psychotherapist always….because nature does most of it! We just need to know how to tap in, with the practices, but also, to be able to lean into the unconditional relationships we have built with Pachamama and her Nature spirits. I can tell profound stories of negative past life experiences that I have been carrying for years, no -lifetimes! that have vanished.

And the other most profound unexplainable thing, is how my abundance has opened up. I think it is partly because of clearing the blocked energies- but I think it is hugely because I have learnt how to interact and ask Pachamama for help. I have a deep relationship with her now, that I didn’t think was possible. She’s practical. In this time reality!

Never mind changing the weather, or having animals interact more….there are so many repercussions from this exquisite art.  In Peru, I had 18 sightings of Black/bald Eagles on one hike. It’s unheard of. But I know that I have become one with nature. My head doesn’t understand it- but my heart knows it…and feels a bond that is incredibly precious.

What else?

Aaaaah yes, my senses have opened up! And not just that I ‘see’ more on other levels, and that my intuition is stronger….. it’s that I have senses that don’t have a name in our western world!  Yes! There are many. It is so exciting. and I know that I still have a way to go. I have only just scratched the surface!

There is a harmony and a lightness. …a joy in being alive.

Of feeling on purpose purely as a human being in the macrocosm of life.

Then of course, there’s the relationships- the energetic family that extends beyond a few, lol. I feel incredibly supported! And I ask how I can support, and get ways to serve too. We dance together. I can do my part for the collective and Nature!  wow.

Then of course, there are the Nature Spirits who specialise. What I mean by that… let me give an example. I was initiated with a specific Nusta by a Q’ero last time I was in Peru. I felt the energetic connection happen in the moment. But it took me a few weeks before I realised how she was unfolding me and my awareness. I was really noticing the egoic structures in others and with in myself. I wasn’t that comfortable in what I saw. There is so much separation. Disconnection. There was so much getting caught up in the head and the ego, that love and kindness was completely unseen. Which meant no heart, no soul- no spiritual level etc….And that’s when I realised the Nusta was teaching me about the ego, and it’s negative aspects.

Just noticing this, brought awareness, and before i knew it, I was behaving differently. Something fundamentally shifted where I consciously opened for love when I felt separation, I focused on love. It’s brought such a softness.

Sigh…can you see I could write a book on this. There is so much to share- but mainly- how simple and powerful these sacred arts are.

They are revolutionising me!

Why would I not want to share this with everyone and the world?

Watching the Paqo participants (on my Paqo programme)  over the year of facilitating them, I see it is not only me. I see people get in touch with their emotions, when they couldn’t before. I see their old, hidden grief come to the surface and release. They find their power – and their voices. And their lives shift.  This is life changing stuff. 

…beyond the head. Beyond the mind. Beyond the old 3rd Level consciousness practices like Kinesiology, Transformation Games etc. These tools are still useful. But to me, they are add ons to what the Inka practices offer. And of course, we are attracted to what we need, when we are ready, right?

The teacher appears, when the student is ready.

I think our planet is ready.

Lets go beyond our minds, to a place of knowing and love. And connection. Let wake up our awareness that has been sleeping for hundreds of year- and let’s embrace nature deeply.