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Sacred Nature Retreat


 Escape the busy-ness & intensity of this year,

return to centre, rest & rejuvenate

in harmony with the forests, rock pools & mountains of Magaliesburg!


Immerse yourself in Nature. Find peace & connection. Opening yourself to be nourished & soothed. Remembering your place in the great scheme of things.

Karen, Pampamesayoq, Earth Guardian & teacher of the Sacred Arts of the Andes mountains, will hold a gentle structure to support you to unwind, to interact & balance the elements within of

Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Love!

To be in silence mindfully

Releasing & cleansing away the stress

Gifting & receiving Nature’s feminine touch

Returning ourselves to gratitude & balance.

4 days & 3 nights:


Let’s take our hearts for a walk in the woods, & listen to the magic whispers of old trees & Nature

As most of you may know, nature slows us down, a kind of relaxant, but to actually engage and bond with nature intentionally, will not only soothe, but clear the way home, revitalise and inspire us. Finding our deep centre and authenticity again.

Reminding us of the bigger picture – and giving us the fodder required, to be energised and keep going –  as the outside world detoxes it’s heaviness. This retreat will nourish you, and remind you of the light you have within….to clear away what has been before and take you forward peacefully.

I think it is important to note, this…

  1. is not a workshop – ie. we will not be learning methods and steps. We will be experiencing nature’s power by retreating into her. My guess is you will probably take practices away with you, that you can utilise in the time to come….but that is a side effect ;o)
  2. it is not my intention to make this a heavy release session. Yes, Nature has the power to do that. My intention is to nourish ourselves- and gently.

There is a deep kindness and compassion that nature offers us when we open ourselves to it. And so each day I will share different ‘meditation’ practices with you to experience in the moment, to shed, connect  and welcome lightness.

c)….But mainly: For there to be joy and delight in taking the time to simply BE….. AND simply be WITH nature.

We will work with all the elements themselves, as mentioned above –together with different parts of nature – like the trees, water, etc.

I endeavour to serve you as your Pampamesayoq, by sharing the tools I have to clear the way homewards and inwards.

These days will not be full of schedules and busyness, instead a gentle structure for holding the space – a container for allowing time! Yes simply allowing time –to breathe and be.

Being is a feminine quality – which generally is out of balance- overwhelmed by our doing, masculine everyday living in Johannesburg.

And being is incredibly healing as we return to our inner light!

So you will have lots of free time too.

Once you have arrived, we will not get into our cars again for 3 days. Just be immersed in one location, maybe take short walks to rivers, pools to swim if you wish, and other surprises.

We will be meditating – but simply- so you don’t need to be a pro…and it will be guided. But most of the time, it will be an experience – a being experience…..this will not be a head orientated retreat. It is to be as fully em-body-ied and heart-filled as possible. Happy sigh…I just can’t wait to share this with you.

I hope you will join me….

To inquire or book, email:   info at miskayani.com