Frequently Asked Questions:


Can I do more than workshop at a time? 

No, it is not advisable. These workshops are consciousness raising and transformative on all levels, there is no need for a second workshop, and especially not to add  western or other workshops either. In the past for example, a student added a mindfulness workshop, While doing their year programme with Miskayani, and found it was just too much. Give yourself space to be in one place at one time

Will there be plant medicine involved?

No, absolutely not.

Firstly, plant medicine is held by the lineages in the Jungle, and here we are teaching Mountain medicine. It is a different foundation, and has nothing to do with imbibing plants. Yes there are people and places in Cusco, Peru where you can now do both, or are facilitated by Mountain shamans to do plant medicine. This is a new problem, and a response due to the demand of Westeners. Unfortunately Peruvians need money, and know how hungry westerners are are quick spiritual fixes. As a facilitator and Healer I have seen the injuries from plant medicine, and many times have been asked to do damage control in private sessions, on strangers who got themselves into serious trouble. Plant medicine is a different lineage, and I will not see clients, or have students anymore that are involved with this.

Secondly, working with Pachamama and Nature beings are very powerful- there is no need to add plant medicine to the mix. As a result – and after much experience- it is in the disclaimer that students sign before, that they commit to doing one workshop at a time and no plant medicine while on or near an Andean workshop via Miskayani. If this sounds strict – it is!- this is serious work, and not to be tampered with by gullibility, ignorance & finding out the hard way.


How does payment work?

50% non-refundable deposit to reserve your place, balance due and cleared the day before a workshop commences. Once workshop has begun, there are no refunds.

There are payment plans available – please email me for more info.

If I miss a session, will you record it? 

No, we don’t do recordings. You need to be present in sacred space to receive and have direct contact with Nature. And most students object to their personal experiences being recorded. On rare occasions I have repeated the session privately for a student, but with a cost, paid for use of my personal time. Please be committed and therefore present- for your own benefit.

Do you offer the Munay Ki?

Not anymore. Because I didn’t know better, in the beginning I did. But now after 14 years, having received and experienced the original and authentic rites directly from the Q’eros themselves, I cannot in good conscience continue.

To quote Alberto Villoldo: “The Munay Ki rites are stripped of all trace of the Indigenous cultures they come from”. I can’t in good conscience continue disrespecting the Qechua peoples and the Andean tradition. As an initiated Pampamesayoq and Paqo (initiate on the Andean path) , not only do I commit to only sharing the original teachings, but have witnessed in both myself and others, the power of the original rites! There is a wisdom way beyond our understanding when we let the original rites of Nature herself go where she knows we each need the work- it is at a level way beyond the Munay Ki. I am committed not only to serving nature, but supporting each individual to heal at a soul level, to shift consciousness with the original source.

Do I need previous experience, or have been to Peru for any of these workshops?

No, no previous experience is required. In the case of advanced workshops, it is stated which previous workshops you need to have done as a foundation.

And if you haven’t been to Peru (yet) don’t worry, it is not a requirement. In the future when we travel to Peru as a group (if you wish), it will be a requirement that students have done certain workshops to be able to deeply experience what Peru has to offer. We will not be tourists looking at ancient sites. But rather our visit will be to remember our connection within and to nature as we visit the power places around Peru, for our transformation. This is why the sites were built. You will be glad you have the tools then, to experience the original Peru that most people will never ‘see’.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me, if you have another question- or one we can add here….

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