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Private sessions:




Andean Healing

Using ancient Inkan techniques – and getting out of the way to invite and allow nature to come in and support your healing wherever you may need it!  – working with every level of your being AND nature beings. As a Pampamesayoq, there are relationships and initiations that hold connection with Pachamama, the Wind, Hummingbird or the Jaguar etc that can serve you with their powerful essence.

60 min sessions- can be done once off, bought in a package- or to unfold in the best way for you. Deeply profound – and often beyond the understanding of the head

Coaching for those on the Andean Path

For my students & participants who need support or guidance as they traverse this ‘new’ way of being.

60 min sessions

Kinesiology Energy Healing

Western medicine – Soul Healing
(but now influenced by my Earth-based traditions & Nature)

Using muscle testing and other ways to communicate with your subconscious, your higher self- the all-knowing part deep within you, who knows exactly where to start addressing your priorities -AND what is needed to release the blockages to bring healing that is perfect for you and your path. This is Soul healing.

Everything in this session is guided by your body ( I just work here and follow the guidance) addressing issues on EVERY level of your being : physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic and the level of the Soul! Real Holistic healing with sessions that are on average 90min long. And generally follow on from each other, in an order that serves your highest and best.  – and all online.

Sessions are 2 hours, and can be done individually, or with packages of various amounts of session. No one session will fix all, and so a package is a commitment that offers a journey to unfold and transform wherever your body or Soul guides you. It is always miraculous when we look back (the wisdom of hindsight) and see the order of layers we have released, and the change that has unfolded in the most beautifully, guided manner.

Contact me for more info, find out costs and any other information you may require.

private Andean healing session

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