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Private sessions:

Andean Medicine

Using ancient Inkan techniques – and getting your heads out of the way, to invite nature to support your healing wherever you may need it, is what these private sessions are about. Pachamama and Karen, work with every level of your being, together with wise nature beings.

As a Pampamesayoq, there are relationships and initiations that hold connection with Pachamama, the Wind, Hummingbird or the Jaguar, different levels of power and energy consciousness etc, that can serve you with their powerful essence.

60 min to 2 hour sessions- can be done once off, or bought in a package of 3.  What ever you feel is appropriate, to unfold in the best way for you. Deeply profound – and often beyond the understanding of the head, this video below will give you way more info.


These sessions clear away hucha, heal ancestral inheritance, open pathways to your future, connect you with different star beings or animals. Activate your energy systems – beyond what western understanding is, is a world of energy anatomy that contains different powers waiting to be tapped into.

Workshops offer you a way to lean about these, to practice them yourself. Or you can come for a session with me, opeing to the wisdom of Pachamama who flows through me as I offer you my service.

Coaching for those on the Andean Path

For my students & workshop participants who need support or guidance as they traverse this ‘Andean’ way of being. By this, I mean, these sessions are for you students who have already learnt Pachamama practices, Earthly based tools, know how to release hucha, or connect with Nature Beings etc- have attended an Andean workshop facilitated by myself. and need support around an issue either with these tools, or a personal issue and how to apply this medicine. 

60 min sessions

Contact me for more info, find out costs and any other information you may require.

private Andean healing session

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