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Peru 2020

Join me for a trip of a lifetime!

Not only to the magical, mystical land of Peru, but also to practice like a Paqo there, forming deep connection and opening to incredible transformation.

There will be more information loaded on this page over the next months, as I plan this with the Qero. Coordinating logistics, accommodation etc, and visits to sacred sites and Huacas (power spots), Despachos and all kinds of delicious things. We will take you on a rich, authentic journey, steeped in this beautiful tradition.

Currently a prerequisite will be:

that you have been an Andean student though me/ the lineages I am initiated with. There will be programmes running right up until we leave, so if you are not a student yet, please contact me to join one. Going to Peru simply as a sightseer or tourist, is like going to a Chocolate factory and not tasting anything, shocking. ;o) 

However, having the tools to taste and therefore nourish your spiritual bodies in the belly of an ancient Inkan world, is an opportunity not to be missed!

We are currently looking at August 2020 for a journey of 2 weeks max.

Ayni (reciprocity) with all things, is the basis of all Andean Traditions. So travelling with a group of like-minded community, who hold a reverence for the Qero, Pachamama and the Mountains is a once in a lifetime gift.

Watch this space for more info…..

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