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Nusta Karpay

The Goddess Rites of the ancient Inka of Peru

Ignite your sacred feminine.

Ancient Qero prophecy has spoken of the return of the feminine to the Earth. The Nusta Karpays are a series of 7 stunning initiations & ceremony that balance our masculine & feminine energies. Accelerating our personal & global healing.

They are a gift from Don Mariano, Qero elder from the high Andes of Peru, who’s lineage has held these rites for many, many generations. Handed down to Karen directly from Don Mariano, to continue these sacred rites authentically, to bring transformation & balance.

The focus of this intimate workshop will be on receiving the rites. Deepening your knowledge of the Nusta’s & their medicine, while gaining much insight into the Andean rituals & philosophies of beauty, love & connection. Leaving you with a deep sense of belonging, feeling held & nurtured.

Come meet & connect with

  • Mama Ocllo, the Earth Goddess, who heals our feminine power. Ground and centres us
  • Dona Mujia, Goddess of the Waters, supporting us to let go. Releasing negative ego traits
  • Goddess of our Ancestors & Lineages. Coming home to find self & home
  • Goddess of harmony & softness of the heart. Seeing through the eyes of the heart.
  • Maria Sakapana, Wind Goddess of Communication & speaking your truth
  • Goddess of Vision, our senses beyond our intuition
  • Tomasa Huaman Tiklla, Goddess of Freedom and Transformation. opening direct connection with the Source.

The rites are shared with you over 3 days, in private sessions or within a group workshop.

No previous experience is required, just an open heart and open mind….and a knowing that we are needing to welcome the feminine powers into our path -regardless of what sex we are. Not only will it bring in the Feminine, but these Nustas will balance the masculine and Feminie within you, so that you can operate not only with a high frequency, but with a balanced wholeness.

…email me for more info on private solo sessions or group events.

Gosh it has been wonderful to meet the Nustas, thank you xx

I am finally embracing my journey, rather than battling. YAY to letting go, and finding’self-worth’ (surprise).

Huge shifts. I feel like I am moving more in the heart space and naturally moving out of the head.- and feeling more grounded.

Thank you Nustas (& Karen) for your love and support.

I feel like I’ve been wrapped in a pink blanket of love, to view the world from different eyes. Witnessing, detached from the drama. It’s really empowered me…and I just feel more centred and at home. Thank you

I am amazed. It has been so beautiful. I am so lucky to have received such authentic rites from you, Karen. I feel like I have met such pure angelic Goddesses that walk with me. It has been months of discovery and peace within

Wow that was so different. It wasn’t hard work! I just had to be. I will admit it felt for a short while like I was wearing a new suit, and sometimes didn’t recognise myself. But it was just maybe the first time that my feminine side has a voice- and is guiding me. And I am attempting to find the balance. I am loving the adventure. And the ceremonies- the Andean way of life seems so lovely. I am very grateful, thank you Karen for your authenticity and holding this lineage

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