All is well here, as I enjoy another series of trainings with the Q’eros. Bringing softness, and deepening a personalised connection with Africa for me. Really grounding the medicine into my home space, I am really loving it- and looking forward to sharing it with you. (see below)
Although there are topics the Q’ero are guided to teach me, there is also an awareness in the ‘workshop’ of the seasons of course. Welcoming nature into the space at this time of year, is very sacred and important to the Andean Mountain people, because it is the Solstice!
No matter where any of us are based on our green Planet, next week marks a midpoint, when the cycle of the Sun turns. Here in the Southern hemisphere, our seasons turns us towards the light. While in the north, it reminds you of midsummer, and turning towards Autumn.
While in Peru, there are huge celebrations called Inti Raymi -festivals to celebrate the Sun!Andean costume and sacred dance
And in the Andes Mountains, the Q’eros will celebrate ‘Qoyllur Riti’.
Qoyllur Riti procession Solstice festiva;
So right now as I write this, Andean communities are pilgrimaging to the most sacred area, very high in the Cusco region. Taking a few days to get there, and then spending 4 days on the mountain side. Just under Ausengate Mountain at the Qoyllur Riti Mountain, 1- 200 000 pilgrims come together where, the Mountain spirit, holds a beautiful legend about a Inka child that got lost in the mountains, and was taken care of by Jesus Christ and the Qoyllur Riti Apu. Until he was found days later, completely well and taken care of.
Qoyllur Riti has been postponed in the last 2 years (thanks to COVID) – but this year they are back. It is more of a spiritual event, than a party only.

People dress in meaningful costumes of their lineages, they honour nature all the way there, and embody this even further over the four days- at the temples of nature, the Mountain, Christian effigies and altars.
It is a complete coming together of spiritual modalities, in focus on the Ayni– comminuty /oneness with God, Pachamama and Nature and all of the cosmos.
There are opportunities to connect consciously with the elements in physical action, sacred dance, and even ’embodiment areas’. Where you go to act out your dreams and wishes as an offering to Pachamama!
A celebration of the Sun, Nature and the spirit of human connection.
In these last days while being with the Q’eros, who have weaved these sun salutations into our workshop, I realised that this year I would like to do something different for Solstice instead of a fire ceremony.
So please join me as I share the most beautiful Sun Meditation Practice I learnt from my teacher. And in Qoyllur Riti style let’s include celebration, gratitude and an opportunity for manifesting our dreams and wishes though a Despacho ceremony this Solstice 2022….

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