Spiritual Activism

Climate change has become a serious worry for me. After-all being engaged and deeply ‘in relationship’ (a verb) with Pachamama, the Earth and other Nature Beings, I hear and feel it more within me now. The grief and pain unavoidable.

Don’t worry, I am not going to go into the details of what amounts to climate change here. I am sure by now most educated or Western people are aware of it. No need to make a list of the harsh reality unfolding in our environments. But I am aware that most of us ignore it, keep our heads down, hoping it will disappear, or actually don’t know how to get into action.

So I thought I would explore how to get involved and play my part formally, as an activist for the Earth.

I put myself onto a mini environmental activism workshop, and early on, this phrase started to come up. How the man on the street practiced it daily. It’s called:

‘Living the lie.’

Now I recognise this phrase in my own world of transformation, from people who will ignore their own healing at any cost. Living the lie that it will go away if turn a blind eye. We don’t look at what’s really going on. But here it is environmentally too. We all converse about climate change but keep going on with our everyday lives, using our cars, going to work, shopping, shopping, buying the latest item, watching TV. Everyday life ticking away like there is no real emergency. ….keeping our heads down to avoid the horror that is unfolding to our planet. Like normal.

Living the lie, that like most things in our unconscious life, if we ignore it, simply go away, or someone else will do the hard work and it will resolve itself,

But people, this time, it ain’t gonna happen. No one else but us, to face the issue of what is unfolding on our planet. No one else but our contribution to destruction…. And no one else but us to take responsibility.

All us, old Atlantean Souls, have come back together to face this task… again –will we succeed?

Of course, the activism training I was on was very extreme- I liked it. Lol. Finally, here was a well educated – and now experienced (not out of choice) trainer, who like me, knows we are IN the emergency and wants change. Action. Integrity. No living the lie. It was so good to be heard on some level, – it helped me let out steam, and encouraged action.

Of course, this environmental activism training’s version of action, is to do something extreme, get arrested, go to prison. The more of us, the more effective. 3000 arrests, 300 sentences per country gets attention for change. And then climate change can be halted within 6 months. Yes, I am not exaggerating. They say in 6 months if enough of us do this.

He gave this training  globally in September, and I’ve already seen via news reports, 3 groups do some serious –hugely effective- activating. Yes they are inside for 3 months – but it’s all over the news, as the next wave of activists begin. It is unfolding as he taught us. So it has begun. Woohoo

However, when it comes to me, I have to admit- I am not willing to be arrested or go to prison for many, many reasons. But I know that I need to act somehow! This IS an emergency. The planet IS being destroyed way too fast for nature, by ego hungry, ego centred individuals and corporations. So I’ve been looking at what I can do. What can I commit to? How do I take responsibility- for effective activism in my own way?

I am here at this time. For a reason. With these tools. (and so are you!)

And so I’ve circled back to using the skills I have as an Andean Shaman. And saw this time in a new light. This is my activism tool box – Andean Medicine.

Think about it, the Inka Nation, their descendants- the Q’ero have been waiting for 600 years to give us the tools they knew we would need in this time of change!!! That’s a flipping long time to wait, watching for signs, interacting with Pachamama- knowing the destruction was coming. Passing down content for activism & healing for hundreds of years. Hundreds of years. (That’s genuine commitment and activism for you) Now they see the destruction and the many loud signs on our planet, know it is time to begin teaching and sharing, passing the medicine on to people like me who were called to do the work.

And here we Westerners are, hiding –ignoring – avoiding the reality unfolding around us.  Like it only showed up 2 minutes ago, and we have 100 years to get over the shock and deal with it later.

Now when it comes to my clientele, (I speak from my role as a healer and soul transformer when I say), people come to see me last before they act. They have issues they’ve ignored. The issues eventually manifest into physical form. Which they ignore still. And when finally they are in too much pain, have been to all kinds of narrow minded doctors, do they appear in my healing space. I watch it happen with sabotage patterns, relationship issues, abuse, – I never expected it when I signed up for this. The avoidance at any cost until the pain is too high.

It always amazes me, that healing is at the bottom of the list of priorities for a large % of the population. I watched in horror when COVID arrived, as fellow practitioners closed their businesses. Because people stopped healing sessions!  Clients still buying cars and taking advantage of the low interest rate- prioritising materialistic illusion before self or collective healing.

No healing to building their bodies up to being strong. Or doing the work of releasing the heaviness that plagues the collective. It is just so modern human and rigid egoic structures.

So of course, everyone is going to support the vaccine- it will make the problem go away. So we can get on with our lives as normal and return to our illusion.

This time though there is only one planet in the entire universe for us to live on. There is no second chance. And this time we don’t have 100 = or even 15 years to wake up. There isn’t a vaccine to fix human destruction.  Awakening, change and activism has to happen now.

Sir David King, the retired (and therefore unbiased) environmental scientist is quoted as saying

“We have to move quickly.

What we do, I believe, in the next three to four years

Will determine the future

Of humanity”

So how much worse does it have to get, before we stop living the lie?

Now I look at the Q’eros holding this information for 600 years, and realise that they obviously know this medicine holds the key to healing of humanity- and the cosmos.

In my early days on this Andean path, I got swept up with the other groupies, worshipping the Q’eros. Looking for the right teacher. Trying on all kinds of teacher costumes to see which one fit the best. And discovering none of them did. They just weren’t heart based or authentic enough.

Until I met an old old Q’ero who still holds and practices the original Inkan ways. Who calibrates at 4 0r 5th level

consciousness levels (we are only 2 and 3 these days in the West) ….and suddenly the message was different. Firstly, it wasn’t what came out his mouth. It was his way of being that got my attention. That got my heart’s attention. And when things started to change and transform.

It wasn’t about the physical fetishes to buy= the tool box to fill. It was about being. He will only initiate or share with me once I have heard his gentle speech on commitment, and promised that I will pass this on.  To teach others how to find their heart’s voice. To discover their true integrity. To open and expand the feminine within. Because it is only from this place that we will care for nature. Care for each other. Be mindful of our Soul’s yearnings for rich nectar- only available from healthy nature.

The Planet will survive us.

She doesn’t need us to rescue her, while avoiding our responsibilities to our soul’s growth.

She needs us to find our way to saving the planet through saving ourselves first.

If we don’t fix this now within us, the destructive will be handed down generation to generation – and will burn itself out!

Planet will survive and be healthier without us. The end.

And where will we be?

Back at the beginning, have to start another 12 000 years of lifetimes of angst until the next ‘Atlantis’ opportunity comes our way.


This brings me to Spiritual Activism!

I believe the best way to forward – besides rebelling against all civilisational, illogical behaviours-  is to heal from the inside out.

To live from our hearts.

CONSCIOUSLY in every moment!

To take responsibility for the hucha- the heavy energies- that we dump, avoid, ignore and project outwards.

To build ayni with nature.

Yes there are group opportunities to clear up country size hucha. There are powerful techniques for this. But I can’t do it alone. Nor when everyone is so complacent, waiting for the pain to get so bad before they act.

Andean medicine is powerful. It is transformative. It is asking us to not be sissies. To have courage to go within, and deal with our and our ancestors hucha. And then the collectives!

But this takes time. There is a journey – an embodiment of these practices that you will want to have the luxury of time to absorb. But first we each need to stop living the lie, that there is plenty of time to waste.

We all have to start somewhere. The Pachamama workshop addresses this straight on. Giving practices and introducing each of you to a feminine Universal Nature Being that is wanting to create intimate relationship with you. And from there it unfolds on all levels of your being, your life and your environment.

In the meantime, I will be offering regular ‘living prayer for climate change’ events. I hope you will come join me. It is a start to lifting the veil, exposing ‘living the lie’ – and getting you too to ask, how can I play my part in activism for our Earth?

There will be Sacred Water Retreats, and monthly Despacho events addressing the areas where activism is required. Watch this space – well watch this website for further events. Stay in touch.

I hope you will join me. It will be online so that we as an international group can effect change.

I hope you will join me to awaken, and stop living the lie.