Welcome to an opportunity to connect with nature- on the outside and the inside.

Click the play button below for a visual or audio experience with Karen Weinman, a Pampamesayoq- a Nature Shaman, trained by the Q’ero Indians who live high in the Andes of Peru to interact with nature and support healing and connection.


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Join me for a Despacho event when we send gratitude and living prayers to Nature and Pachamama. Despacho’s are held for the public on full moons, Solstice and Equinox’s etc. See current events below.

Want to learn more about the Andean Cosmovision for your own healing?

See the Pachamama workshop, where not only will you learn about Pachamama, but receive many practices to deepen your relationship with her and Nature. So you can manage your energy, heal – and connect more deeply. See below for current events.


Maybe you simply enjoyed meditating with Nature herself. There is a ‘Series of Nature Meditations’ on offer from Karen, for your own private experience. email her to find out more:

info at miskayani dot com or see the contact’s page

This website holds many opportunities, information and bio about Karen’s journey. All being collated in a book. So have a look around, and sign up for the month newsletter and blog.

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With Munay (love Karen