Did you know that the immune system is not only a physical part of you? Taking care of all the emotional, mental, spiritual, energetic, & soul levels together creates a strong Immune system!

There is plenty info on physical care for the immune system all over now, with the CoronaVirus. But I want to discuss the other levels of the immune system through 2 avenues of my own 30 year experience as an Energy healer and also from the Andean -Inkan perspective. So that you can take care of yourself holistically!

Firstly, through muscle testing, (kinesiology) where the wisdom of the body guides the healing process to clearing the energy blockages, bringing healing to the physical! You learn that viruses are a frequency, a very low vibration. And when you are run down, stressed, go through something traumatic, and the frequency of your energy drops until it is so low down, that it matches a virus’s frequency- then PLING! …they attract each other, and suddenly you have flu, a tummy bug etc.

So in my healing sessions, under the guidance of the body, we track down those low frequencies- discover the event /sabotage patterns etc and release that attractor low frequency. Which means you cannot attract a virus with it again!

So of course, as the CoronaVirus travels around and people panic, get hysterical or stressed, it lowers the frequency level in their bodies – which then attracts the virus!!!!

So want to take care to avoid getting too sick from COVID-19, and remain strong while your body processes the virus, KEEP CALM AND work on yourself on ALL levels with a healing session. Releasing blocked energy is powerful!

But also ….

Did you know that there are 7 layers to your Aura?

They are called subtle bodies. And one of these layers is your energetic immune system! 

It’s like an energetic skin – and when vectors of foreign energy come at it, the intelligence of this skin will decide if you can handle that vector of foreign energy or not. It will either absorb it, knowing that you now how to transform it within you, leaving you strong and healthy. Or it will deflect it, knowing it is too much in that moment, for you to handle.

Now of course, we are human beings living a stressful, busy life. When we are not centred, these subtle bodies wonder off-centre, losing your strength and protection. Leaving you open to anything energetic that bombards you. So healing work to bring those bodies back into centre and hold is vital. Once centred, we can each take other steps to stay centred- and therefore strong energetically. But also to note: that this off-centredness, will knock other human beings off centre too! But our centredness, will support others to come back home.

We are all connected! ….like a huge web of life – and therefore it is vital to heal blockages and keep our centredness, to support the whole to do the same!

Which brings me to Ayni, the ancient Andean ways. Ayni is the (give and receive between us and nature)- the people of the high mountains still practice to this very day. This is a normal way of life to them, which we have lost touch with.  Andeans have known for 1000’s of years that the time would come when humans would be so disconnected, they would destroy the very foundation of what they were standing on – the Planet! They knew this time was coming.

It has been passed down orally from one generation to the next, the signs to watch for, when Planetary collapse is near. But also, the practices and techniques required to survive this time and rebuild our connection with the natural cosmos!!!!

The Q’ero’s, get perspective and guidance from Pachamama, Nature beings and Mountain Spirits, but also, they see humanity’s hucha (heavy stuff). We create hucha everytime we have conflict, get way too heady, get caught up in drama!!!! It creates a heaviness which we carry energetically, and when it gets too full or overwhelming, we dump this on others or on the earth! We are hucha making machines, that have lost touch with taking responsibility for our own heavy ‘stuff’. Hucha is a beautiful insight to learn!!!!  Knowing how to release hucha can bring compost and transformation that serves the individual, the collective and all of nature.
Why am I telling you this? Let me start with a story :
End of the 19th century in the Andes Mountains, in the Q’ero lineage of there was a great Paqo -a Kurak Akuyeq (highest initiation possible).  The Smallpox plague hit South America killing millions of Latin Americans, Don Garibilu ‘ate’ all the hucha of the Smallpox plague and broke it!
This is the power of knowing how to work with hucha! Yes, it is very advanced, but we have to begin somewhere -to learn and  take responsibility for each of our own hucha.
As I am directly part of this Lineage, the Q’ero’s and I still teach these practices today, and is why I am so passionate about sharing it with you. I know the power of it….especially in the time of pandemic.  
These practices support us all to clear away our heavy energies, heal our bodies and raise consciousness- within ourselves and our communities. We all do our part wherever we are in the world….adding up to global healing.
So please take advantage of online healing sessions that I have on offer. I have been through extreme transformation in my own life, I know how hard this can be! BUT through this, have discovered medicine and practices that always bring me back to health and well being on all levels. That is the strength I can share with you via private sessions and workshops.
So in the next days, an online school for these workshops will offer the opportunity for you to learn tools and skills for this time. To awaken and grow, connect with our hearts and nature again. And feel supported and part of the spiritual impulse that is awakening humanity back into Union again!