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Heart of Nature Programme


Transform  *  Empower  *  Rejuvenate  *  Return Home * Raise Consciousness


On this programme we follow Pachamama Time,

returning home in a way that nourishes and respects the timing that each soulful individual requires for this life changing journey.

The Heart of Nature programme consists of 4 workshop modules, which we will begin with a small group of people.

Each module will happen in an order that serves this timing.

It is set in a structure that is held with feminine energy,

so that each module is creative, practical and with rites too,

taking you on a journey inwards….and outwards- becoming one with Nature.

An organic way of learning in a sacred, grounded container,

held and guided by Nature and Karen, your Pampamesayoq (an Andean Shaman) and facilitator.

Activating Energy systems dormant within you, to build your powers of expression and being into the world.


This programme promises to transform your life, to support you to develop deep connection with all of Nature.


We learn from Paqo’s (Andean Mystics & Healers), who follow an ancient Inkan path

to healing, embodying, interacting, with Nature & Divine consciousness,

endeavouring to become 6th level, enlightened beings!



This is not a programme of initiation, nor to create Shamans…. this programme is for your personal growth, to transform – to embody this path for yourself. To be thechange we are looking for! The world needs it in this time of great change.

The Inka’s prophesied a time when the feminine would return. When Westerners, who had forgotten their connection with Nature, would need grounded, naturally inherent ways to travel back to their hearts, in order to heal the planet again. The Andeans have stored & remembered these heart-centred ways over hundreds of years & many generations, and through initiates like myself, (Karen Weinman), are rippling this out into the world to serve the earth.


Allowing these simple, practical –yet profound ways to transform us from within, building our powers of mystical seeing;

speaking our power;

knowing our passion & personal power;

being who we ‘really’ are at a soul level

& being able to act it out!


“Mastering Living Energy is a life changing act”.


And learning about living energy, how to work with it, and open to its transformative, consciousness raising powers is what we begin with on the first module- the Pachamama workshop.

Ayni, Qechua for ‘reciprocity’ (giving & receiving) is the basic principle to this sacred way of living. Where there is connection within, there is connection to all of life.

On this training you will learn tools & practices to embody Ayni by communicating with living energy, & becoming one with nature.

As you interact with nature, it will clear away hucha (heavy energy) from you. Bringing deep healing….

Raising your vibration & life force!

Using energy systems (unknown in our Western world), buried within our bubbles-  to activate these capabilities & embody them consciously.


This living energy will grow you where is best for you, in the order that is best for you.

This path is fundamentally a personal journey to expand Munay (love),

give expression to your true essence,

find your voice & your potential power!

Q'ero communicating at the water

Once the foundation is set on the Pachamama module, we will then Birth ourselves on the Wachay (Birth) module  -gracefully releasing heaviness from our past, opening pure energy into our present! Using very rare & ancient practices, giving you an experience of these higher forms of energy.

An inherently feminine way to bring harmony & balance into your life, regardless of what sex you are.

You are going to learn about a ‘system’ & an energy language you’ve probably never heard of in the third module, Inka Trail. So will take our time to journey through each belt, eye and system, with archetypes and nature beings.

This requires new senses, humbleness, deep listening, time, patience….& Love. Hence there is much time allowed for in-between sessions, with a support meeting once a month in-between. Supporting you as you explore this beautiful way of being of the Heart – bypassing the ego. Giving you time in-between to grow, practice, build & explore…..

Finishing with a set of rites that shower you with blessings from our sacred archetypes of nature and of the cosmic river of life, the WillkaMayu – the fourth module.

You can travel one module at a time, or do them in the order presented, taking time over a year to integrate as you travel to the Heart of Nature.

For more info on each module:


Pachamama Workshop

Module 1:  Foundation workshop – which can be done on it’s own or as part of this programme – done online, and live (when times have changed)

Please click here for the dedicated page


Wachay: Birth

Module 2:  Only available after Pachamama module is completed – done online, and live (when times have changed)

  • Activating your energy systems, and learning of new power capacities,
  • learning about your nature family, and transmission rite
  • Energy school
  • releasing and birthing practice
  • building a mesa – your power bundle


Inka Trail: Journey of Empowerment!

Module 3:  Only available after Pachamama & module 2 is completed – done online, and live (when times have changed)

  • Journey through the energy systems, getting familiar and comfortable with them in your every day life.
  • Ñawi’s and belts, powers, capacities and their offerings. 
  • archetypes of the sacred worlds and their rites
  • learning ritual and Hawarikuy/Despacho offerings etc


WillkaMayu:  Cosmic River Rites

Module 3:  Only available after Pachamama, module 2 & 3 are completed – done online, and live (when times have changed)


  • Showers of blessings after rites from the Earth, Stars and the Heavens

Some things you may want to know (I wish I had) :

a) You will be learning from Nature via the Andes Mountain Lineages of Peru, known as the Q’ero.

They practice from within, as opposed to other lineages in Peru, who use plant medicine from the Jungle, or the Laika (sorcerers) who use signs  & magic etc.

Qero’s focus on living from the heart and raising consciousness – while living a grounded everyday lifestyle!

Different to other known lineages from Peru/South America. Preserved from any outside influence, they live high in the Andes & have been waiting for the right timing, when humanity was ready to remember and shift. That time is now!

These Mountain Lineages offer us a sacred invisible art, which is very heart-centered, interconnected & incorporating.


b) Authenticity: After a decade on this Andean path, I have discovered how teachings have been manipulated, either as they have gotten tainted by adding Western psychology or Eastern philosophy -disconnected from the original Inkan ways.

The teachings I will share with you, come from the most genuine sources possible. I have learnt and been initiated by the Q’eros directly, as well as other Inkan descendants & experts in the field.

You will see how your heart recognises them.

Like my wise, old Q’ero teachers, my focus is on preserving this ancient practice & staying aligned to it’s true essence. I aspire to bring pure teachings to you.

I envision true community: of us at one with Nature, exchanging love & natural power – raising consciousness as we evolve our 3rd level consciousness towards 6th level beings.


Join me on this unique and adventurous journey within, & transform your life!

Thank you so much for taking me on this journey. It has truly been life changing. I feel like I have found a path and spiritual practices, and a community that resonates with my heart and being. Throughout this year, this journey has helped me clear out stuff and energy, empower myself and make very needed changes. all bringing me closer to myself, my true being.

Book here! ...or have a question? Contact me:

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