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AYNI: A Journey on the inner and outer with the Elements

AYNI Harmony with the Elements

Ayni is a Qechua word meaning ‘one with everything’, every aspect of Pachamama is connected, and gives and receives in perfect harmony.

As we journey through each element of Earth, Water, Fire and Air, we will do ancient Andean practices to connect with the elements in teh outer world around us, and invite the Nature beings of the element inwards, to support our transformation. Bringing our Inner elements into balance.

Integrating them within us as we journey, brining us home to balance and harmony.

So this workshop is an opportunity, to restore yourself to wholeness,

by healing with the elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire.

In such a way that we do not do it alone, but includes the beings of nature in the process!

Nustas (Goddesses) and Taytas hold much wisdom and support when we connect with them through the right medium & practices.

As a healer with 30 years experience, I have seen many success stories – but in the last decade as I have included the power of nature into my work, it has surpassed my expectations & witnessed miracles. Not only can nature profoundly heal – but does it in a way that is most respectful to the individual & their path!

It is so beautiful to consciously make space for this healing to unfold, to allow the elements to come back into balance within us where necessary- & not to process, or confine the healing to an egoic understanding. Instead opening doors of the heart, to a journey of soulful healing AND a bonding with nature. Participants feel welcomed back into nature, developing a trust and finding family! Bringing guidance & a belonging back we didn’t know was missing until we found it again!

As a Pampamesayoq (Earth Guardian/Andean Healer & Priest) my initiations & training have introduced me to each element & it’s over-lighting being. Over time I have built relationship with them, embodying them, so that now we are a team that supports transformation in others.

With a Pampamesayoq present, you will have the opportunity through ceremony and practices to welcome the support of these nature beings. Transforming you in ways that are just right for you!

Rejuvenating your power centres and energy fields.

Together with practices, the elements of


Will connect & ground you; support you to release your heavy energy; beginnng the process of balancing your feminine energies within. (and in turn, the masculine too)

water healing with elements workshopWater:

Will cleanse; release heavy energies; return us to a state of flow & connection.


Will cleanse your energetic power centres and any clouds over the heart; vitalising energy &

clouds healing with element workshopAir:

Will clear the mind of it’s busy-ness; releasing any backlogs of unexpressed, heavy energy from the throat area.

And a closing ceremony to bring all of it together. Inviting grace & awareness to the Universe of Nature you are part of.

I invite you to join me for a rich, heart-filled experience of healing. 

As we balance the elements within ourselves, we become sacred activists: balancing within brings balance to the outer too! So we do our part for the collective and Mother Earth. We will cover this on the workshop, as it is an integral part of the Andean- earth based tradition.

Open to newcomers & old timers, whoever you may be on the path who needs healing, re-balancing and a return to wholeness! 

I look forward to hearing from you, & supporting us all to heal from within, in order to heal the wider community & our Planet. 

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