There was a drought in a village. They sent for a rainmaker who was known to live in the farthest corner of the land, far away.

(Of course that would be so, because we never trust a prophet who lives in our region; he has to come from far away)

When he arrived, he found the village in a miserable state. The cattle were dying, the vegetation was dried up,the people were really affected by the drought.

The village folk crowded around him & were very curious about what he would do.

He said, ‘Well, just give me a little hut and leave me alone for a few days.’

So he went into this little hut & stayed there. They would leave food at the door, but didn’t see him.

People were wondering the first day,

… & wondering the second day.

… On the third day it started pouring with rain! 

And then out he came.

In amazement, they asked him, ‘ What did you do?’ 

‘Oh the rain,’ he said, ‘that is very simple, I didn’t do anything.’ 

‘But look’ they said, ‘now it rains. It hasn’t for so long, now you work on it and it begins, what happened?’

And he explained, ‘I come from an area that is in balance. We have rain, we have sunshine. Nothing is out of order. All the elements are in balance.

I come into your area and find that it is chaotic. The rhythm of life is disturbed, so when I come into it, I too am disturbed & I am immediately out of order.

So what can I do?

I need time & a place to be within myself, to meditate, to set myself straight. So I had to wait three days until I was back in Tao – when my water elements were back in balance, then naturally the rain came.

When I am able to get myself in order, everything around is set right.”


Such a lovely, meaningful story.

As within, so with out….right?!

I am sure we are all aware of the imbalance of the water element on our Planet these days: drought, floods, contamination…the list goes on.

Secondly, there are new higher frequencies coming in as we humans shift consciousness. We are growing from 3rd level consciousness to 4th level beings.

These higher  frequencies coming in are being transmitted in & around us-  how?

– via the water in our bodies!

So it is vital for a graceful passage that we open the flow of water element within us, & around us.

Have you noticed how your water element is within you? 

Are you flowing abundantly & in balance? 

Or feeling stuck in places- are you finding it hard to flow? 

Maybe you have water issues in your home?

…or maybe like me, you would like to open to the highest & the best, 

AND make a difference? ….and so need your water to be at a premium frequency, to serve the whole!?!

There are rituals and practices in the Andean tradition for cleansing and flowing with water, which I share in workshops. Knowing the power of water, and the importance that needs to be placed on this beautiful element, i work on it within myself and on others,. But raising our frequency, we have to remember is not just for ourselves. It means we effect the collective, planet and our environment hugely. It is a way to serve too.

The Waters are as much our Mother as the Earth is . They bring Life, Purity, Healing, renewed Energy .

We can let ourselves float and they carry us.

The waters and the Earth harbour so many wonderful creatures, our relations, as well as elements, to keep us all balanced and nourished. So …

Let’s Honour all Waters in Gratitude. Both within us – and the water around us. 

(for more info on the ‘Healing the Waters’ workshop, click here)