There is a transformative theme that weaves through the Andean medicine offerings, that is deeply supported by nature. That theme is Power.

The Andean practices & ceremonies, the rites connecting us to Nature Beings, the relationships that ensue with nature, ALL clear the way and support us each to find our power – and bless the world with our unique expression of it.

So I would like to focus on it in today’s blog.

It’s important at this stage to clarify that it is NOT masculine power I am talking about, but feminine power. Masculine power is associated with force. Feminine Power is a natural part of our core being, that wells up from within us, from a place of integrity and alignment of our Soul and heart.

In the oxford dictionary, the definition given for the word ‘power’ is that of masculine power! Let me mark with an asterisk the masculine words shown in the dictionary :


  1. the ability or capacity to do* something, or act* in a particular way.
  2. the capacity or ability to direct* or influence* the behaviour of others, or the course of events.

authority that is given or delegated* to a person or body.

  1. physical strength* and force* exerted by something or someone.

Authoritativeness*, driving force*

  1. energy that is produced by mechanical, electrical, or other means and used to operate* a device.

Fascinating isn’t it? All masculine definitions. That is not the power we are speaking about here.

Feminine power is a silent power from within. It bubbles up naturally when we are aligned, transformed, connected to source/ our soul, and grounded!

Calm, gentle – but unbelievably powerful – in fact more powerful if you ask me. It cannot be knocked over or smashed. Because it is flexible, to be able to withhold under any force coming towards it.

Now if this is natural – from within,

Why aren’t we aware we each have this natural power- or use it?

Regardless of our sex, we have both masculine and feminine energy within us – why aren’t we expressing the feminine power?

In these times, we are born into a masculine world – of masculine power expression. Firstly we learn from this – and do not question it. A world of strong ego where, thanks to the masculine authority, we are taught and unconsciously grow our masculine power by feeding it more masculine power. Using force, doing and action.

Of course as you know, we are here in this mystery school to learn. A human vehicle with a soul, on a journey of growth, gathering hucha, ‘heaviness’ of human experience, as compost to transform.

It is eventually in the wanting to raise consciousness, to heal, that we begin to question, grow, and transform ourselves- bringing that heaviness we’ve accumulated forward. Opening to the light within us. And as we heal and shed, so we discover slithers of power, we weren’t aware of. And so the journey unfolds – slowly finding our power, speaking our truth, holding boundaries- finding our purpose.

In the 30 years I’ve been doing kinesiology and soul healing via western modalities, I’ve seen clients slowly but surely uncover their power. It takes a long time- and why I encourage people not to come for a few sessions, but a succession. By listening to the body’s guidance, we transform -with patience and time. But it does take time – we are clearing through the negative conditioning of the ego, which insists on one layer at a time being unpacked, to stay in charge and in control.

Whereas in the Andean medicine, welcoming the power of nature to us,

navigates right past the ego and into our heart space!

Even after many years of facilitating with Andean medicine and nature’s interaction, I am blown away at how gracefully people uncover and express their power, after being on this path in just a short while.

In the Andean medicine, we focus – consciously work -on releasing the hucha, the heaviness we’ve accumulated, uncovering the powerful capacities that are hidden at our very core. Beyond the mind and needing to process every detail, the heart responds with feminine energy release. Showing us a way of beauty and love –in-action, that opens our feminine power!

We know that surrender, going with the flow, trusting, ‘be’ing etc etc are so important to rejuvenating and revitalising ourselves – but when caught in a masculine world, it’s hard to get the mind and the ego to simply let go.

Hence the gift of rites- transmissions of animal archetypal medicine, of Pachamama’s guidance, of practices that bypass ego- to access this power- and we open. We blossom. We begin to find our power- our trust in the feminine unfolding within us and around us in the natural world.

We find our unique abilities, capacities, and discover we can live and express our potential. And it happens so gracefully, and with support of Nature.

So I find I am offering way more Andean workshops, sessions and practices than my original western energy work. This Andean medicine offers MUCH deeper healing, it is more efficient! …. it is more soulful and heart connecting. And it offers a synergy of knowing the (feminine) power within AND the power of being held in the natural universe of Pachamama. Knowing we are supported in this cosmos, brings a deep healing to most of us. Pachamama was here way before us, and will be here way after us. She is going no where, and always has our highest and best at heart. It is profoundly supportive- and grounding you into finding the courage to be who you truly are in this life time!

This is where we are truly aligned!

Through this, we discover and embody that we are aligned –  horizontally by consciously living in this material world, AND we are aligned vertically with the grounded Earth/Pachamama and ‘above’ with the Soul, the divine consciousness. And it is from this place of being truly aligned, that we are IN our power.

Now doesn’t that call you?

To live your authentic power!


** So want to begin the journey of returning home to your heart of nature? Join me on the Ñusta Karpay workshop to begin balancing your feminine and masculine, or the Pachamama workshop to remember your place in the cosmos, and learn a feminine path!

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