Ñusta Karpays: Rites of the Inka Goddesses

Online with Zoom

Ignite Your Sacred feminine with the ancient Inka Rites and ceremonies. 4 sessions of half days spread aver 2 weeks (this time) Online, international and a group (can be done solo too) See link below for more info

WillkaMayu: Cosmic River Rites

Douglasdale, Johannesburg

This set of rites brings us blessings from the stars themselves. This workshop includes 7 Archetypal Rites, transmissions in the Andean Medicine way. Can be done on thier own, or as part of Heart of Nature programme. For more info, see page. link below

Inka Road

Online with Zoom

(Module 3) - Heart of Nature Programme Only available to those who have completed both the Pachamama  and Wachay: Birth modules previously. Activating energy systems and power capacities, and learning more tools (eg. Despacho). To journey through the energy systems and their powers, getting familiar and expanding them in your every day life. Interested? See […]

Ñusta Karpays

Online with Zoom

The Goddess Rites of the ancient Inka of Peru.

Ignite Your Sacred Feminine with these 7 stunning rites (Karpays)

€195 – €3200

HELP SA Ocean & Marine Life: Living Prayers for Spiritual Activism Against SHELL Oil

Online with Zoom

Seismic surveys by SHELL Oil in our Ocean, begins 1st December.
Firing air guns of extremely loud, shock wave emissions into the water, damaging Marine life on the SA Coast: whales, dolphins, seals, penguins, sharks and even crabs and tiny shellfish will be blasted.
Join us online to protest with Spiritual Activism & Andean medicine.

No Charge

Solstice Despacho and Fire Ceremony

Online with Zoom

The Pampamesayoq, Karen will build a mandala of connection with all the Beings of Nature, in a beautiful ceremony with you and the group. For gratitude, connection and setting intentions for manifestation.