Ñusta Karpays- Goddess Rites of the Inka

Live together online

Ignite Your Sacred Feminine with these 7 stunning rites!

Karpays- are empowerment transmissions, and this workshop offers you an opportunity to be empowered by these Feminine Nature Beings.

Regardless of your sex, our feminine and masculine energies within, especially in the Western world, are out of balance and in need of transformation.

As we balance and heal the feminine in each of us, so we raise the consciousness in our collective.

Returning our world to a balance thank you to these ancient rites, leaving participants in a space of love, peace- and joy in discovering the authentic feminine within!

Please email me with country of residence for cost

Wisdom of the Rainbow Jaguar

Live AND online Douglasdale, Johannesburg, South Africa

Open yourself to the mystery & empower your authentic Feminine Essence! A journey for women, guided by the Rainbow Jaguar, the Andean Ñust'as (Universal Princess's)of the elements and the ancestors, the Crystal & Cacao Beings, & Nature herself- Pachamama! Learn from experience- from within - the Feminine Way!

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