Wisdom of the Rainbow Jaguar

Open yourself to the mystery & empower your authentic Feminine Essence! A journey for women, guided by the Rainbow Jaguar, the Andean Ñust'as (Universal Princess's)of the elements and the ancestors, the Crystal & Cacao Beings, & Nature herself- Pachamama! Learn from experience- from within - the Feminine Way!

Wisdom of the Rainbow Jaguar

The Jaguar, highly revered in ancient Incan and Mayan tribes for her feminine power, is not preyed upon in the wild. Instead she leads. Controls the population of prey and maintains integrity of these systems in the jungle.

She travels through all three worlds using her inner senses and connection to guide her. From this place, she will keep the balance within, as the world changes around her.

In these uncertain times we have much to learn from her.

Our challenge in the current kaleidoscope of life is to tune out the outside influences, & tune in to the inner rainbow of senses, trust ourselves, be courageous to act on our intuition and hold power -like the Jaguar spirit!

On this journey together, we will interact with a variety of Nature’s Feminine Beings, meeting them through ancient Andean rites and practices, and interacting with Crystals and Cacao. Each being within Pachamama’s sacred kaleidoscope offers us an inner experience about our feminine essence, so we can learn, nurture and empower ourselves.

And we will transform lightly- this is the new medicine that is coming into our new times…. That healing and release does not need to be heavy, not take long periods of time. It can be light and efficient with Nature’s wisdom.

The Rainbow Jaguar brings us her wild power, and teaches us how to use this greater power with wisdom, find strength and nourish what is worthy.

With her as a guardian on this journey, we can confront that which has been unworthy of our devotion. Eradicating destructive patterns and behaviours, creating space for healing, and rebirth our true feminine essence.


Most of us only know – define- power and the feminine through the eyes of the old, dysfunctional, masculine authority. We’ve been taught to see power as a forceful, sometimes abusive action, and the feminine ways as weak.

Manipulated into masculine behaviours and suppressing our feminine strengths.

This forceful ‘power’ is not what we are going to explore.

This is not feminine power.

Reading about, and being ‘told’ what the feminine aspect is- is a masculine trait.

The feminine cannot be defined – only experienced. It is all about being.

It is time for us to go to the edge and leap- dive deeper into the undefined, mystical, beautiful mystery within and open to receive. To bypass the ego, the head and what we think we know. Instead, to experience from our own heart and soul, what authentic feminine power feels like – from within us. Taking our time, allowing space for each step to unfold gently, and for wisdom to float up from within us.

So each week, each month, over this time, we are going to open to receive from the Inca Princesses of all the elements, of the ancestors, Ñust’a mountains and waters, Mama’s, Sisters and Goddesses of light. We are going to surrender to allow the Cacao Mama and the Crystal beings to engage with us. Opening to the mystery of the Feminine, they will guide us to discover, celebrate and nurture our true feminine essence so it becomes a strong weaving within us.

There is nothing stronger than a soft heart; or a flexible being that compassionately trusts herself first and foremost, before responding to the outer world.

The renewal promise of the rainbow & divine feminine creativity will weave through us, as we:

  • Receive the Andean Ñusta Karpays – the Princess Power Rites and strengths of earth, water, air, ancestors and spirit and more
  • Cleaning away negative ego traits
  • Welcoming like a breath of fresh air – Our heart’s voice
  • Finding our authentic expression through speaking our truth
  • Building a relationship with Pachamama (the Earth/Gaia) with practices
  • Learning techniques and practices to manage our energy
  • Ancestral Healing
  • Interaction & exploration with Crystals
  • Cacao journeys- inviting love, surrender and wisdom
  • Remembering our Nature Family, for support and strength that belonging offers us. (Most Westerners are ignorant of this connection sadly, and so this will bring deep healing)
  • Altars, offerings, rituals, protection and medicine rituals
  • and a support structure that will celebrate who we are and the journey we are embarking on…..it promises to be rich

This ‘Women only’ online programme will begin on the March Equinox, and finish on the September Equinox. Aligning ourselves with the cycles of Nature, as we delve into them.

We’ll meet mostly on Tuesday evenings and some Saturdays. Allowing space between our ceremonies for integration. And offering time for you to witness and explore at home, with ‘homework’ in your own inner space. This way, over these 6 months, we will really ground these learnings into our everyday life.

This Rainbow Jaguar Circle of women, visible and invisible will become our container for sharing and support as we transform ourselves. As we share our truth with each other- which brings great wisdom, so we will transform each other and the collective. A feminine trait.

This workshop is open to newcomers and current students. If you have already received the Ñust’a Karpays with me previously, but feel called to this in-depth, guided training, you are most welcome to join. As some of you have discovered, receiving the rites more than once, deepens the connection and the transformation…and will take you deeper and reinforce the feminine within you.

In the last years, when I have come close to burnout, trauma, physical exhaustion, being ripped off by dysfunctional masculine behaviour through companies and services – so many things that could be the end of the line, I have been guided to practice and engage with the feminine. Bringing profound healing, rejuvenation and a place within to return to, to be held and nurtured. Filling a half filled cup to over flowing. And the security of knowing my power, gentleness and lightness of being!

I am sure I am not the only woman to have been confronted with the busyness of life draining me, the exhaustion of consciousness growing in an ignorant environment, but also the challenges that go with being a woman in masculine dominated, current times.

As a Pampamesayoq, an Andes Mountain medicine woman and a Munay mesa carrier (specialising in heartfocused medicine bundle), I have been well trained for this time by my Q’ero teacher, who’s lineage holds the feminine rites and ancient Inca medicine that reveres and honours the Feminine!

And with 30 years experience from Kinesiology, Transformation Games, Andean healing sessions and workshops in the Western and Andean worlds, I have witnessed the victim mentality and blocked life force in women.  For us all to grow with the shift and change our world, it is vital we women heal our pasts, ancestral lineages and remember our strengths for the 7 generations to come. This will begin that revolution.

So join me, the Rainbow Jaguar and the Circle of Feminine Guardians

to explore the mystery of the sacred feminine within,

and be guided to discover

what authentic feminine power truly is!


Tuesday evenings, and Saturdays during the day

(SAST -please see note below)

March 21st

April 1st, 11th, 18th

May 2nd, 6th, 23rd

June 3rd, 13th, 20th & 27th

July 8th, 18th

August 8th, 19th, 22nd & 29th

September 5th and 16th

Group size will be kept between 8- 12, for the benefit of all.


Online via Zoom

Private Support group on social media of choice

Email me to book your place, or to ask anything

info at miskayani dot com

Contact form below – watch for the reply.

I hope you will join me – join us- in discovering and expanding the feminine within you.

Opening yourself to the mystery,

& empowering your authentic feminine essence,

is perhaps the greatest gift we can give ourselves in this time of great change

– as well as our daughters to come!


Please note

  • The start times of the classes will be chosen by all of us in the group- as it depends on time differences due to international participants. Generally to give you an idea, Tuesday evenings about 6pm- or earlier. Saturdays 10am – but if South Americans are involved, will start at lunchtime SAST.
  • This is not a training to create shamans, but an opportunity to have a personal shamanic experience and healing
  • There will be a disclaimer for all to sign, to prevent any copyright infringements and copycat facilitators borrowing medicine or techniques
  • It is requested that there be no other plant medicine taken during this time.
  • In is for the benefit of those with mental disease and ill health, eg. -bipolar disorder/ manic depressives etc., to not attend this programme.
  • Nothing will be recorded. No Zoom events or classes will be recorded. This is a journey of experience and receiving, so you need to be present to receive the juice. In cases of emergencies when one cannot attend, you will be able to make up the sessions outside of the schedule, with my time being charged for over and above the total cost. It is best to commit and be present. When we commit to ourselves, we receive the richness we deserve, and Pachamama shows up with her support ;o)

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