WillkaMayu: Cosmic River Rites

Rites of the Milky way from Andean Mountain Medicine lineages with Karen Weinman

WillkaMayu: Cosmic River Rites

This set of rites brings us blessings from the stars themselves….and more.

In this workshop we discover the connection the Milky Way has to the earth herself. As she dances through the sacred valley of Peru, she brings with her the 7 archetypes which transform our lives deeply.

**Because of this power of transformation, it is best that participants have had experience with either the Ñusta Karpays previously, (through Karen/ Miskayani Medicine) or both the Ñusta’s and Pachamama workshops.

The stars carry very high consciousness, refined energies that require experience to be with in this everyday reality. It is with my own sense of responsibility to your unfolding, that I have this condition in place- that you are a previous student of mine. One step at a time so that you are ready and prepared to be able to receive these WilkaMayu Rites with open arms. And to benefit from their touch.

A powerful and transformative rite.

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