The Earth Within

Awaken Your Indigenous Spirit within. A day Workshop that promises to bring you home to the Earth! Introducing you to Pachamama, the world of Nature, and offering you a tender birth. Authentically grounding you into the Earthly realm (maybe for the first time?)

The Earth Within

What is Pachamama?

How does the Earth fit into all this?

What is an indigenous spirit within?

Can we create harmony and communication with the Earth as a being?

Join me to learn more about the spiritual nature of the Universe we live in. Discover how we fit in, and what that means for our own health.

Our disconnection from Nature and the earth, has very real repercussions on our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual – AND energetic health. We have slowly been conditioned over the decades to see it all as separate from us.

Join me on this introductory workshop as we begin to remember our place in the cosmos. On The Pachamama workshop  we usually spend 8 weeks getting to know more about the cosmovision of our Pachamama Universe, and learning practices that will support us not only for a lifetime, but will build a long lasting relationship- you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.

These days though, I see the need to offer a mini version of the Pachamama workshop- both because people want a taste to see if this is a fit for them, but also as life around us gets really intense, these tools can offer stability and grounding. Helping us to stand firmer as we get bombarded.

So how can we consciously connect more deeply with her?

You will learn lots- AND receive practices to harmonise, release and interact.

This workshop will include the most important exercise we will ever do, to begin to heal our disconnection from the Earth. *The Indigenous people say, we in the West all suffer from this the most, and I look forward to playing my part in serving – and healing. ‘One small step for man, one giant step for mankind’, yes?

So we will do a profoundly grounding exercise – to bring you home to earth – permanently!

We will discover that the more grounded we are , the more connected and the more spiritual we feel within. And this will hold us as we travel through this next year….but also into the rest of our lives!

Also we will learn more about our power – what is it? The different types of power. How do we build it up, express it – and find kindness in power?

What is the feminine & masculine all about in the world of Nature?

On this mini workshop, these and many more questions will answered. This workshop will offer not only explanations, but practices and experiences.

Addressing all 3 levels of being human:  Physical action, heart and our higher intelligence.

It is time to come home to the most precious Nature that we are. To discover our indigenous roots within once again, and help to heal the centuries of human conditioning that have not served humanity or the Earth.

We will meet on the 24th February for the day, and then have a follow up session/ online (to be discussed witht he group present) on the 16th March-  for everyone to bring their experiences, feedback and questions. Support (in my experience) is vital, as we will be discovering a way of being that is so familiar yet so new. I keep the group sizes small so we have time for discussions and challenges and interaction. So we can learn from each other and from my experience both within, and from facilitating hundreds of clients over the last decades.

Join me for a simple yet profound step into the world of Nature, to remember ‘The Earth Within’, either online or physically in the space with me in Southend, UK.

Grounding workshop

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Payments :

COST : £120pp

Payment can be done via bank transfer, or cash at the door if you are in the UK, and secure debit/credit card facilities are available.

*Please note: Due to the low cost of this event, card payments will include an additional bank charge of £4. Thank you for understanding.

*Booking is essential to secure your place, and receive logistics email so you are prepared for when we begin.


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