Equinox Ceremony: Balance of Feminine and Masculine

Join me for an ancient ceremony to consciously embrace the Earth on Equinox. With intentions bring balance to both our Masculine and Feminine within and in the world around us - on International Happiness Day,

Equinox Ceremony: Balance of Feminine and Masculine

The Equinox marks a time of change and balance. As the cycle of the planet arrives at this place, we come to a time when night and day are same length of time – a perfect balance of light and dark.

Offering a ceremony on the Equinox, invites us to be conscious to work WITH the flow of Nature’s forces. As we tune into the energy of this time of balance on the earth, it is also a powerful opportunity to bring balance to ourselves- both within and to our collective.

Regardless of our sex, we have both masculine and feminine energies within us, and- manifested in the collective and environment around us. When it is out of balance in the collective, it is out of balance within us. When it is in balance within us, it is in balance around us. Everything is connected.

However we live in a time when the masculine has been and is dominating our planet. Expanding the feminine has become crucial to our healing. As the feminine transforms, it naturally heals the masculine too. Everyone wins.

Through this despacho ritual, firstly we  will acknowledge Pachamama, our Great Mother Earth – and send our gratitude as she always supports us unconditionally!

And then we will put our intentions for healing and balance of the masculine and feminine into the ceremony. So there may be healing within and in the world.

Being conscious that Nature always creates balance – and with her support and our intentions we too can bring balance. Allowing for the flow of nature, and our love to go where it is most needed.

These offerings from the Andes Mountains called Despachos, are what I call living prayers. They are a way to send intentions and wishes out to the Universe- addressed with loving intentions!

Despacho is Spanish, translated roughly is an ‘altar’, and in Qechua translates into ‘offering’. A place in the present, to pause, consciously open our hearts to say thank you, or any other intention the medicine woman uses as a focus. So an Andean ceremony can bring balance, transformation or change into our lives, & to the planet. Gifting both Nature and the circle of humans simultaneously.

This Equinox Despacho event will weave a few intentions :

  • send our gratitude to the earth and nature
  • aknowldge balance
  • set intention to balance ourselves within, so that we may ripple out and create balance around us.

Bringing healing where ever it may be required.


ONLINE 20th June

Join me LIVE at Southend, UK

KWeinman© creating despacho

What is a despacho?

A Pampamesayoq (Karen Weinman) creates a mandala of natural, meaningful, ingredients that represent aspects of nature- the mountains, the earth, crops, plants, animals, the sea, angels & others etc, which hold our focused intentions as a group.

Once built, the Despacho this despacho will be burnt so that the prayers are released.

And together with each other, -whether live, online, or part of nature, a beautiful sacred space is created. Touching each of us where necessary- and promises us a nature filled evening on ALL levels. Most participants walk away afterwards with a warm heart, peaceful and grounded. Or notice the energy within them has shifted or feels different: calm or peaceful on the land that has been held in focus. Everyone smiling from within….feeling connected and intimate with Nature.

In the days and weeks after, this welcomes a flow to our lives once again. A mystery to be experienced to be understood.

So I hope you will join me for this bi- annual event!



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20th March 2024- 6pm start

ONLINE -live with Karen


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pay with STRIPE vis credit card / email me for the link

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