Solstice Ceremony: Andean Despacho

Andean gratitude Despacho ceremony for the Solstice! Marking the change of cycle for the Sun and Earth, with an offering of blessing, healing and love for Nature. An opportunity to interact with Nature, honouring her, and manifesting our intentions -our desires and wishes in alignment with Nature and our hearts.
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Solstice Ceremony: Andean Despacho

The Solstice – whether you are in the Northern or Southern hemisphere-  marks a time of change, as our planet turns to a different season. We either towards the light, or towards the inner space – the dark. Offering a ceremony on this day, invites us to be conscious and be able to work WITH the flow of nature’s forces. Bringing  healing, connection- and a power opportunity to choose our next steps.

AND of course! Sends our gratitude and acknowledgement to Nature, who supports us unconditionally!

These offerings from the Andes Mountains called Despachos, are what I call living prayers. They are a way to send our gratitude and wishes out to the Universe- addressed with loving intentions!

A despacho is Spanish, translated roughly is an ‘altar’, an Andean ceremony to bring balance, transformation & change into our lives, & to the planet. And is done with different intentions. This Sostice Despacho ceremonial event will incorporate a few elements of intention : 

  • send our gratitude to the earth and nature
  • release the year behind us
  • put our prayers and wishes our to the year ahead for manifestation
  • (as a result there will be a healing too, where ever we may each need it) 

The Pampamesayoq (Karen) creates a mandala of colourful, multi-layered natural, biodegradable or burnable materials that represent the mountains, the earth, crops, plants, animals, the sea, angels & other aspects of nature to say thank you! Sending gratitude & blessings, and using intentions manifest our wishes.

Once built, the Despacho will be released either by burning or buried so that the prayers are released, to communicate with Pachamama.

And together with each other online, Nature and this offering, promises us a nature filled evening. A beautiful experience that most participants walk away feeling heart-filled, peaceful and grounded. Or notice the energy has shifted or feels different: calm or peaceful on the land that has been held in focus.

And of course, welcomes a flow to our lives in the days and weeks after the event.

I hope you will join me for this bi- annual event!

21st December 2023- live event in Southend- on-sea, UK, and online. 


Cost of This Event:

South African Rands

Donations of R280- R550


Donations of €20 – 35

UK Pounds

Donations of £18 – 30

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