Rites of the Pleiades

Feel called to the Stars? Feel like the Stars were once home? Welcome to a culture where these stars are respected, honoured, offer healing and raise consciousness! Bringing pure light to your heart centres and energy anatomy....and to your Ancestors too.

Rites of the Pleiades

To the Andeans, we come from the stars, and to the stars we will return.

….And return to the stars when we have cleansed this lifetime from our physical forms. When we have raised our vibration back to pure sami – pure light.

The Rites of the Pleiades support us on this path to return to this light, so we may be more ‘enlightened’ while here on earth. It is a deepening – a soulful cleanse that they offer us…and our Ancestors!

Cleansing and deepening our connection to our heart and voice….grounding us to hold these frequencies as we walk in this reality. Releasing heaviness from walking our own paths – never mind the 7 generations of Ancestors before us.

** If you are new:

I ask all participants who feel drawn to this, to first do the Ñusta Karpays, Pachamama workshop etc before any of the Star rites. So we may raise our vibration to meet the Stars light- and not be overwhelmed by it. But blessed and grateful to receive.

**And if you are an experienced ‘student’, these rites are done in private sessions or group workshops- when you are ready, you will know.  

It is a coming home to be savoured…..




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