Pachamama Ceremony: Gratitude Ayni Despacho

Join me for an ancient ceremony to consciously embrace Mother Earth- our dear Pachamama. With intentions we will send our deepest love and gratitude to her for all we receive. When was the last time you said thank you?

Pachamama Ceremony: Gratitude Ayni Despacho

Pachamama is the Mother of all time and space. What we in the West loosely referr to as the Universe. Except Pachamama is way more than that – she is also the energy of our great Mother.

Without her, we would not have these realms, including the physical reality. No food, clothing, Nature- or a place for our soul to have an experience and grow. She is profound- and a great provider. Everyday we live within her, without being conscious or actively stopping to consciously say thank you.

So in this ceremony we are going to send our appreciation and gratitude in abundance together. Bringing much healing. 

We are going to build Ayni!

What is Ayni?

A mystical thread at the very centre of our reality. It is what our entire cosmos cannot survive without. At the core of this existence is the constant flow, give and receive between nature, Pachamama and each other. Somewhere in the world someone sends love to Pachamama or angst, she receives, transforms and gifts the rest of the universe with this light and love. Nature, and us get to receive this. She is in great service to us, as we ‘should’ be to her. But of course we have forgotten or become unconscious. 

So join me for a really pure Despacho – a ceremony that will send our gratitude and love – living prayers to our great Mother.

This huge pouring our of love to her, usually means there will be a return of some kind. But as this is an UNconditional offering, we do not do it in expectation of what we may receive. I will talk about this more on the evening. So I hope you will join us for a simply beautiful ceremony.

What’s a despacho?

These offerings from the Andes Mountains are what I call living prayer ceremony’s. They are a way to send intentions and wishes out to the Universe- intentions carrying loving intentions addressed to Pachamama!

Despacho is Spanish, translated roughly is an ‘altar’, and in Qechua translates into ‘offering’. A place in the present, to pause, consciously open our hearts to say thank you, or any other intention the medicine woman uses as a focus. So an Andean ceremony can bring balance, transformation or change into our lives, & to the planet. Gifting both Nature and the circle of humans simultaneously. Regardless of the intention used.

Please see below for more information, videos and blogs – the evening is open to all -whether a first time experience or not.

This Ayni Despacho event will weave our gratitude to the earth and nature. Bringing healing where ever it may be required.

ONLINE 25th April


KWeinman© creating despacho

What is a despacho?

A Pampamesayoq (Karen Weinman) creates a mandala of natural, meaningful, ingredients that represent aspects of nature- the mountains, the earth, crops, plants, animals, the sea, angels & others etc, which hold our focused intentions as a group.

Once built, the Despacho this despacho will be burnt so that the prayers are released.

And together with each other, -whether live, online, or part of nature, a beautiful sacred space is created. Touching each of us where necessary- and promises us a nature filled evening on ALL levels. Most participants walk away afterwards with a warm heart, peaceful and grounded. Or notice the energy within them has shifted or feels different: calm or peaceful on the land that has been held in focus. Everyone smiling from within….feeling connected and intimate with Nature.

In the days and weeks after, this welcomes a flow to our lives once again. A mystical experience to be had. 




Dates for this Event:

25th April 2024- 7:15pm start

ONLINE -live with Karen


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