Moon Mama Event for Women

Join me for an experience, where I will invite the Moon Mama in through an Andean ritual for us to discover and develop a bond with her natural cycle. With an introduction, ceremony and a practice for you to take home, opening the profound possibilities of your feminine aspects and relationship with the Moon. In a safe space with other women, we'll rest into her holding and open up to the Moon Mama's beauty....and let her take us from there.

Moon Mama Event for Women

A celebration of the Feminine both within us and in Pachamama- the Universe around us. 

For most of us, the only definition we have of the feminine is a psychological or masculine opinion. We buy into this and spend our lives trying to figure out why something is missing- and so seek constantly.

When I did the Ñusta Karpays- the feminine rites from the Andes mountains, something unfolded me which I did not expect. I had to go through a time of ‘adjustment’, because I’d never had an authentic definition of the feminine within me. I have written a blog about it if you want to read more about it here, but still to this day, I find it hard to put into words. It’s an authentic feeling I have, that I know the truth of – and so keep that door open for participants to discover it for themselves too. Offering an experience rather than a ‘lecture’.

So at this women only event, I am going to create a space for you to taste of it yourself.

How is this going to unfold?

As a Pampamesayoq (Andean Medicine Woman) who holds initiations, and therefore deep, live connections with Nature Beings, I have relationships that I can introduce gently for us each to meet. So at this event we will meet the Moon Mama, and do a ceremony- a sacred ritual to speak to the Moon Mama and begin to align our energy with hers.

This gives an opportunity for our biological and energetic cycles to begin to align again. As well as other gifts, that we will discover.

Who can attend?

Beginners and those of you who have done previous workshops are most welcome. This evening will be for women only- as it involves cycles that men simply don’t have in their physical body.

You are welcome to attend for the evening only…..or for those of you who are curious to meet me and know more, come join me as an introduction to the Wisdom of the Rainbow Jaguar or the Ñusta Karpay workshop.



This event will be online, offering us the personal space in our own homes, while also connecting with the sacred space of the group.

What’s the plan?

After sharing an introduction which may become a discussion, I’ll create a ceremony – followed by a practice that you can then take home with you. Giving time for a relationship and  integration to develop with the Moon Mama. 

Andean Medicine and Nature beings have much beauty to offer us, when we choose to become more conscious of our connection with them. 

So I hope you will join me, for a delicious – and unique event with the Moon Mama.

Wisdom of the Rainbow Jaguar



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