Honouring Our Waters Ceremony

Join us internationally as we hold an Andean Despacho Ceremony on the Equinox. To express our gratitude, expand our connection to water - and give us an opportunity to send prayers. With the Intention to raise consciousness and send healing to ALL waters - whether within us, and/or in our environments! Whether via a tap, rain, rivers, seas, or lakes, this ceremony is where we can offer our conscious engagement, to deepen our awareness of how precious Water is. ... and then ripple that out!
honouring our waters ceremony ©KWeinman

Honouring Our Waters Ceremony

In celebration of World Water Day, this Despacho event will bring us together from all over the world, to hold consciousness and honouring of Water.

Offering our gratitude, expanding our connection to water – and giving us an opportunity to send prayers.

No matter what species we are, water is fundamental to our very existence….and sadly something we’ve taken for granted….never mind in need of rescue.

We’ll endeavour to raise consciousness and healing for water that’s within us, and in our environments, including waters from our taps, rain, rivers, seas, or lakes.

It needs our conscious engagement, showing respectful awareness of how precious Water is.

Despacho ceremonies are the perfect vehicles for remembering how vital water is to us, on so many levels. This ancient Andean medicine/ceremony is based on Nature and our oneness with Pachamama. The greater cosmovision that we are part of, asks that we remember our place in the grand scheme of things, to take responsibility for our actions – and to direct our gratitude to this vital element of Water, therefore creating reciprocity and sacred activism!

What is a Despacho ceremony?

Simply put: With us present as part of the ritual, Karen will build with intention & love, a mandala of beauty & living prayers, and then release it-  like a private email – to the Universe, herself.

Held by a Pampamesayoq (an initiate/healer/priest & Earth Guardian), Karen Weinman is trained by the Q’ero Indians, high in the Andes Mountains of Peru, to build Despachos of which there are many hundreds. After being called by Pachamama to this role many years ago, Karen chose to serve and be guided by her, utilising this ritual of Despacho to offer us an opportunity to interact with our precious water and her nature beings.

Communicating with Nature & Divine consciousness, Karen will place symbolic, sacred materials & biodegradeable ingredients so that the prayers are visible. This mandala – the Despacho –  is then sent out in an appropriate way to release the prayers.

A heart-centred, nature-connected experience, open to anyone is willing to be there with conscious presence. No previous experience is required.

Beautifully aesthetic, centering & connecting, bonding us with nature, our heart and the Divine.

Want to know more? 

  • See Miskayani Medicine YouTube channel for this video: ‘Despacho : Power of Andean Ceremony’
  • See the ‘Despacho’ page on this website:




We hope you will join us,

in reverence and joy,

as we honour Water at this event!


Despacho water ceremony ©KWeinman

video about Despacho

There is no charge for this event, as we gift the waters. 
PLEASE NOTE- NB! 4pm-  16:00 hours is SAST – Johannesburg, South African time zone (therefore 2pm in the UK).
Please check your time zone for your appropriate start time.
*If you book via Eventbrite/S.E.A organisation, you’ll be given the Zoom link and logistics there.
Otherwise you can RSVP/book or ask questions here with me: 
You will receive at least 3 logistics, as we include you in the ritual with steps for your own locations!  ;o)
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