Equinox Despacho

Andean Ceremony of living prayers offering gratitude, connection (and our wishes) for living in wholeness....at a time of the changing earth cycles, the Equinox. A time of complete balance of day and night.
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Equinox Despacho

It’s that time of year, when light and dark are balanced on Earth. ie. Day and night are in complete balance. It’s a great time to do ceremony and acknowledge Mother Earth with gratitude, send love, connect – and set intentions for conscious manifestation.

A Despacho is a mandala that is built by a Pampamesayoq, using ingredients of different frequencies and connections to nature beings. It builds a hologram of connection to nature, where we can send our gratitude, build connection (AYNI) and send out intentions that we wish to manifest.

This brings healing, transformation and beauty to our lives, with this unique Andean ceremony of living prayers.

Join me from wherever you may be on the Earth.

See the Despacho page  for more info if it’s your first time.

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