EQUINOX CEREMONY: A day of nature, balance and flow

Join us for a collaborative Equinox Ceremony, where we embrace BALANCE. Whether through a Living Prayer ceremony, Yoga, meditation or sound, this is an opportunity for a day of retreat- to open to beautiful energies and movement, allowing creative energy to weave throughout. Let's intend a day of returning to balance and inner health.
Equinox festival balance nature flow yoga

EQUINOX CEREMONY: A day of nature, balance and flow

On this day, we will meet at The Yoga Factory in Southend, UK, or online, and together with 2 experienced facilitators, we’ll journey through all the levels of our being. Bringing balance to our physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic aspects.

We intend to create BALANCE via various modalities and with Nature herself.

Whether you are new and want to explore, or have experience in these sacred arts, all are welcome.

Come explore with us.

After the opening we’ll delve into a sacred ritual from the Andes Mountains that embraces Nature’s wisdom and healing – a Living Prayer ceremony called a despacho.

Facilitated by an initiated Andean medicine woman, Karen Weinman, this ancient ceremony will open our awareness to nature around and within us. To bring balance to our masculine and feminine aspects within, light or dark, or whatever you so choose. Sending our gratitude to the earth, we’ll then set goals and intentions for our well being too. This despacho will bring balance and flow on the inner and outer realms for both us and our Planet.

The experience of balance will then be cultivated through movement, deep relaxation & breath.
Movement – A chance to drop into the internal movement of our vital life force with yin yang yoga practices. Using subtle movement to prepare the body for a deep dive into our inner balance.
The Subconscious Work – A chance to integrate all of the ethereal work done during this equinox celebration, we will spend time sinking deeply into our inner landscape, bringing alive the essence of nature, balance & connection in a meditative state.
Playing with the balance of masculine and feminine, this session will shape your spring, equinox blossoming into a wonderful existence.

And finally with a creative, nature exercise to integrate all that has been weaved thoughout, as we close the space as a unified group.

After a rich day, refreshed, balanced, and aligned with nature, your body, and the Earth’s rhythms of the Equinox, we’ll eat a hearty simple meal together. Grounded and home.


Date: Saturday, March 23rd

Time: 12pm – 6pm

LIVE: Full Ticket including meal: £40pp

Online £35

email Karen, to book your place, or if you are a member of The Yoga Studio in Southend, you can pay via the membership site.


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