NEW MOON CEREMONY: Rooting for the Year Ahead

Join me for an ancient Andean ceremony to connect us to Nature and all the abundance that awaits us there.

NEW MOON CEREMONY: Rooting for the Year Ahead

Let’s be real – the year ahead is going to be rich with growth and change- on many levels.

It is also a time when the solar storms reach their peak, and the earth is going through her changes, so we can expect to be bombarded from all sides. Something our current human race hasn’t been through before. 

So to support ourselves, the best seat belt we can put on for the ride (in my opinion) is to really root ourselves – put on our natural seat belt and hold on for the ride.

So this despacho we will connect with the earth. First with gratitiude that we have this great mother to support us. And then setting intentions – preparing and connecting.

Welcoming the energy of the earth to balance within us. Join me for a talk, and then a ceremony. Despachos allow space for there to be a natural dance between you and her, opening to communication and support. 

A great intention to send out on the New Moon of 2024.

And  later, if you feel drawn, there will be an opportunity on the 24th February, to join me for a workshop (The Earth Within) to practically and energetically bond, ground, release and bring ourselves present – anchoring ourselves into the earth, ready for whatever may come our way consciously.

Building strength from the inside.

These events stand independently of each other. Each offering different aspects and ways for you to explore. Despacho’s invite Nature in to heal us in places we may not expect. It is like doing a mediation that comes with nature-al healers. While the workshop will bring us home into our bodies so we can sleep at night, build relationship with the earth and transform in many ways. This workshop will be a long term solution – if not a once in a lifetime opportunity to finally be bonded with the Earth. 

A great place to start if you are new to this deeping with nature :

With the vehicle of despacho – this Andean ceremony, we can gently discover from an inner space, what Nature has to offer us. In a simple afternoon event. Despacho’s bring healing that is perfect for each of us – when we are present and curious- and wanting to explore.

So this in ceremonial event , we are going to:

  • discover the sacred space Nature has to offer
  • gently begin rooting – opening our awareness of the earthly realm
  • to bring us present
  • opening the door to the abundance and nourishment that has been waiting patiently for us to come home.

This afternoon of ceremony is a great introduction to this nature medicine. At a time of the New Moon, this offers us a way to step into the year with the support and flow that unfolds, when we interact with Nature herself.

It will be LIVE at The Yoga Factory in Southend, and ONLINE offering you a live experience from wherever you may reside.

Rooted and conscious of our connection and place in the world of Nature, herself .



Payments :

COST : £20pp

Payment can be done via bank transfer, or cash at the door if you are in the UK, and secure debit/credit card facilities are available.

*Please note: Due to the low cost of this event, card payments will include an additional bank charge of £4. Thank you for understanding.

*Booking is essential to secure your place, and receive logistics email so you are prepared for when we begin.

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