Despacho Ceremony: Earth & Ecological Healing Series (land)

Join us for the first Global Healing Despacho event on the 16th May, initiating our ceremonial series to address climate emergency & ecological destruction.
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Despacho Ceremony: Earth & Ecological Healing Series (land)

Every second month we will gather online to consciously focus where the Earth, nature, or our collective may need Healing. And through profound and transformational Despacho rituals, we will affect change by intentionally sending healing energies and raising consciousness to transform imbalances back to health!

Over this series of sacred Andean ceremonies, Karen Weinman, a Pampamesayoq- initiated Earth Healer / Guardian – will build Despachos with sacred ingredients & living prayers with the groups present. Together, we will address fracking, mining, agricultural imbalances; issues around fires and climate change; deforestation and desertification; water contamination; air pollution, species extinction and imbalances in our political and corporate systems.

Aligning with Nature’s cycles of the full moon, 16th May’s ceremony will address LAND-affected, issues chosen by the group.

Yes, there are many problems, but as we journey with these sacred offerings through each topic and element of water, air, fire and earth etc, so one step at a time we’ll play our part in shifting collective energies, the ceremonies will begin a dynamic- a force to support environmental change.

What is a Despacho ceremony?

With us present together in the sacred space, Karen will create a ‘mandala’ with sacred, symbolic and biodegradable ingredients. Infusing our intentions and living prayers, communicating with Nature Beings & Divine consciousness, Karen will intentionally weave this altar in such a way that our prayers are visibly expressed and heard. Afterwards she will release this weaving out to the Universe, so it may manifest in whichever way is perfect for the highest and best outcome of all.

As a Pampamesayoq, Karen is trained by the Q’ero Indians, who live high in the Andes Mountains of Peru, to offer ceremonies and healing as a mystical, shamanic medicine woman. At a time when we in the ‘West’ need to take responsibility for our actions, Karen was called by Pachamama to this role many years ago, facilitating an opportunity to interact with precious resources to impact change at a time of need.

Despacho ceremonies are perfect vehicles for transformation, which help us remember our deep interconnectedness with Pachamama and nature. Bringing healing and blessings to all, whether we be human, nature or the cosmos. A heart-centred, nature-connected experience, open to anyone is willing to be there with conscious presence and an intention to heal our world.

Despacho ceremonies work with the energy of the whole group. To create them beautifully and powerfully, they require materials, and the facilitator’s time after the event

A donation of £ 5.00 towards the material would be greatly appreciated.

Want to know more about Despacho’s? 

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‘Despacho : Power of Andean Ceremony’

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Let’s embody sacred activism, and be the change we want to see in our world!

We hope to see you there.

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