Ceremony for Your Dreams & Wishes 2023

Gracefully begin 2023, with a ceremony of living prayers. A despacho of gratitude to Pachamama, intention setting by sending out our dreams and wishes for the year ahead.
Despacho event 2023 Miskayani

Ceremony for Your Dreams & Wishes 2023

It’s the first new Moon of the year, a perfect time to welcome in 2023. Let’s send our dreams & wishes out to Pachamama, together with gratitude & living prayers, in a Despacho ceremony.
Gracefully aligning ourselves with the natural cycles of life, and opening to the manifesting powers of Pachamama! Who always wants the highest and best for us all.
What do you wish for, going into this year?
Into the Despacho you can:
– place your plans or goals;
– maybe your body isn’t well and you wish for healing
– that you’ve realised that you are carrying heaviness, trauma and wish to be lighter?
– feeling burnt out and wanting regeneration and rejuvenation
– Wishing for a relationship or healing
– connection to the Divine and Nature- to Pachamama
– want to touch your heart?
You choose your intention, and bring it to a ceremony that is based on gratitude for Nature and the Universe.
Connecting you with the flow again, and being supported by Pachamama as you manifest your dreams.
RSVP to book your place and receive the logistics. 
* Don’t know what a Despacho is?
See below …..
Hope to see you there, all are welcome.
🙏🏼 🐢 🦅 🌸 ❤️

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