Apology Ceremony to the Original Peoples and Their Ancestors

Please join us in a global Grid of Ceremonies offering Apologies to the Original Peoples & their Ancestors, to bring Reconciliation & Healing to all. Live & online in Swellendam, Western cape, South Africa

Apology Ceremony to the Original Peoples and Their Ancestors

As cultures across our Sacred Earth, we have all conquered and been conquered. Yet, we are one people sharing this glorious planet.

These times are the ones of Great Healing – beyond Separation, Imbalance, Injustice & Materialism – to living as One Humanity.

The Original Peoples of every region of our Sacred Earth have been treated in horrific ways: massacred or poisoned, lands stolen, treaties broken, forced to attend reservation schools, women abducted and abused, infected and killed by Western diseases, or worse.

The sad truth is that much of this is still continuing today in an ongoing clash of worldviews, amongst a dearth of wisdom and compassion.

In some parts of the world such as Europe, most people don’t remember who the Original Peoples are. However, the Ancestors are still there on the Spirit Planes.

As part of our Healing, those of us from the dominant global culture are being called to Apologize … And we are also being asked to speak for our Ancestors for all they have perpetrated from their place of deep soul-woundedness … to Apologize for their actions also.

We are being called to forgive ourselves too, as we forgive our Ancestors …

And to Change Our Ways.

“… it is important to recognize the prophecies that apply to what is happening on Mother Earth today, with all the daunting challenges that we humans are facing. The many prophecies that I am aware of, say that there will come a time when the world will need Indigenous ways and look towards Indigenous people for answers. That time is NOW.”

~ Larry Merculieff, Unungan/Aleut Elder, Global Center for Indigenous Leadership & Lifeways

RSVP is vital for this event.

There is no charge, however donations are most welcomed to support the materials of the facilitator, and /or to a foundation within our own country, or to indigenous efforts overseas. For example:

• Global Center for Indigenous Leaders & Lifeways

• Support Puyr Tembé, an Indigenous leader from the Amazon who is leading her people in a fight to demand the new Brazilian Congress protect the forest from the storm of logging, mining and cattle-ranching that’s driving it to collapse. (Campaign through AVAAZ)

• The Land Trust Fund for the Kogi, Wiwa, Arhuaco and Kankuamo Peoples in the mountains of La Sierra Nevada, Colombia – through the Fountain/Center for Sacred Studies

For this sacred Andean ceremony in South /Africa, Karen Weinman, a Pampamesayoq- initiated Earth Healer / Guardian – will build a Despacho with sacred ingredients & living prayers with you, the group present.

Together, we will address both African based tribal issues from the Sán, KhoeKhoen tribes to the present, and include the global indigenous too.

Yes, there are many problems, but as we consciously offer each prayer with these sacred offerings, one step at a time we’ll play our part in shifting collective energies. The ceremonies will begin a dynamic – a spiritual force to support  change. It is a start.

What is a Despacho ceremony?

With us present together in the sacred space, Karen will create a ‘mandala’ with sacred, symbolic and biodegradable ingredients. Infusing our intentions and living prayers, communicating with Nature Beings & Divine consciousness, Karen will intentionally weave this altar in such a way that our prayers are visibly expressed and heard.

Afterwards she will release this weaving out to the Universe, so it may manifest in whichever way is perfect for the highest and best outcome of all.

As a Pampamesayoq, Karen is trained by the Q’ero Indians, who live high in the Andes Mountains of Peru, to offer ceremonies and healing as a mystical, medicine woman. Karen was called by Pachamama to this role many years ago by a lightning strike, opening a relationship with Nature that supports powerful healing where ever it is focused.  At a time when we in the ‘West’ need to take responsibility for our actions, this medicine facilitates an opportunity to transform both ourselves, and the Earth.

Despacho’s are rituals that the Indigenous have taught her, and so it is appropriate to offer our prayers though this modality.

Despacho ceremonies are also perfect vehicles for transformation, which help us remember our deep interconnectedness with Pachamama and nature. Bringing healing and blessings to all, whether we be human, nature or the cosmos. A heart-centred, nature-connected experience, open to anyone is willing to be there with conscious presence and an intention to heal our world.

Despacho ceremonies work with the energy of the whole group. To create them beautifully and powerfully, they require materials, and the facilitator’s time & expertise -for release & transformation.

So donations are greatly appreciated on the day, but not a prerequisite for attending.

Want to know more about Despacho’s?

  • See the ‘Despacho’ page on Miskayani.com/ and blogs on Karen’s website:


  • Video on ‘Miskayani Medicine’YouTube channel:

‘Despacho : Power of Andean Ceremony’

Please RSVP to :

info@miskayani.com for logistics and the venue location, 20 min outside of Swellendam, Western Cape.

We may offer this online if there is signal – TBA.

And if this interests you, please know that monthly Karen offers despacho healing events for our world. Please see event page for more info. March 19th we will focus on healing the Indigenous and their ancestors in collaboration, with a worldwide grid for global healing on this issue.

Let’s embody sacred activism, and be the change we want to see in our world- beginning with taking responsibility for our own Ancestor’s actions, and sending forgiveness and blessings to a world that needs it.

We hope to see you there.

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