Andean Healing Package (Special)

An opportunity to explore the healing that Nature has to offer. 3 x 60 minute sessions offer you a taste of Nature's energy and healing. If you are willing to surrender to a loving nature being, I will create a sacred space for them to gently begin interacting with you. They are so wise about knowing where someone needs healing and in what order to go in. But will never step in unless there is permission and a trustworthy facilitator. These special packages are paid in one lump sum, and then each session is done a week or 10 days apart. For some it brings grounding, for some it simply relaxes, or gently lifts the burden. Come and find out what it will be like for you.

Andean Healing Package (Special)

This is a great way to begin to know what to expect from this Sacred Nature medicine. To have a private session, means that you have the freedom to relax, explore and interact privately -with Karen, your facilitator.  After 32 years of experience as a healer, Kinesiologist and Transformation Game Facilitator, Karen knows how to hold safe space, to allow healing to occur wherever you may need it. And with her authentic connection and relationship with Pachamama as a Pampamesayoq, as she has a deep trust that will be at the core of your session. 

She holds the space and the intention for Nature to heal you wherever you may need…whether it’s physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or energetic. 

Welcoming a Nature being in helps us to get our heads out of the way! We surrender…. and then they can step forward with our permission to support us with all their wisdom. As we are all one family in the cosmos, Nature only wants the best for us, because as we raise our consciousness we affect each other, and come back to nature with love and care for her. Everyone wins.

In the beginning before you know how to clean up your own heavy energies, you can tap into the wisdom of Karen (and Nature)  as a healer to lighten your load. Once heavy energies have been released, more constructive healing can happen:

  • To clear away pain at our hearts
  • or physical bodies
  • ground us,
  • bring us present to deal with what we are avoiding/ conflict etc
  • and bring abundance, so we can manifest our dreams
  • find purpose
  • heal ancestral lines
  • connect us with nature and build intimacy
  • lighten our emotional loads
  • …and much much more. 

Sessions are usually done online and internationally  (but soon will be done live again, while I find a permanent venue in UK)

60 min to 2 hour sessions is the usual length of time, but for this Solstice Christmas special, you can buy 3 sessions for the cost of 2. 

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