7 Directions: Andean Rites, Practices and Ceremony for Beginners

Want to know more about Andean Medicine? Engage with transmissions from Nature Beings, discover simple practices and the joy of Sacred Space.

7 Directions: Andean Rites, Practices and Ceremony for Beginners

Curious about this ancient path that supports you to embody Nature?

This 8 week workshop is an introduction to all the different aspects of  Andean Medicine. The different doors that we use to engage with nature.

The very basis always begins with calling Sacred Space- a container held by the archetypes of the animal kingdoms, the Earth and the heavens that hold a nourishing foundation from which to leap from.

This workshop will offer you a gentle opportunity to explore from your heart space, with Karen, Pampamesayoq – Andean Paqo (Shaman) sharing her knowledge and facilitating you through each session.

We will meet 1 evening per week online, to exchange ideas, energies and learn practices for you to experience each day of the week until we meet again.

So you have your own practice and relations in place by the end of the workshop.

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