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A Hawarikuy, a Despacho…what are they?

I call it a living prayer. A way to send our gratitude and wishes out to the Universe!

A despacho is Spanish, and translated roughly is an ‘altar’. Where as the prefered term – also a Qechua term, is ‘Hawarikuy’….which means to offer. much more authenic and meaningful.

An Andean ceremony to bring balance, transformation & change into our lives, & to the planet.

In the Andean Mountain traditions of Peru important transitions or beginnings are often marked by a prayer bundle, offered to the Earth (Pachamama) and Divine spirits. For those who live in close connection with nature, the Despacho is a communication with those forces they love and respect: Pachamama (Mother Earth), the Apus (Mountain Spirits), guardians of the spirit world who provide for you, your family & the community, etc.

There are many types of Despachos. Some offer ayni (balance), while others offer to remove the negative energy in one’s life, others offer love & prosperity – or connection. They connect us with the rhythms of our earth- Solstices or full moon. They are offered at weddings, as blessings on a person, a home or land. Each is a powerful way to bring about transformation & change, to set your intentions & let them go.

A Despacho, also known as Haywarikuy, is a beautiful offering, blending prayers & gratitude, honouring the Four Directions, Earth & Stars etc, to create a sacred mosaic of all that can be possible in our lives. This colourful, multi-layered bundle is made up of natural, biodegradable or burnable materials that represent the mountains, the earth, crops, plants, animals, the sea, angels & other aspects of nature.

What does it offer you? A chance for connection to all realms of nature. To say thank you -we don’t do it often in our Western lives….to Andean Paqos it is build within their everyday reality. It is an opportunity to speak to the ‘Gods’, send love, and manifest our intentions – regardless of of how big or small.

Built by a Pampamesayoq – an Andean ‘priest’, Karen interacts with these Nature spirits & powers whom she has built close relationships, connecting them to the issue at hand. Sending gratitude, and asking for blessings or whatever has been requested etc.

Once built, the Despacho will either be burned to release the prayers quickly to Spirit so they can begin manifesting, or buried so that the prayers are released slowly to the Earth, grounding them gracefully, to communicate with Pachamama.

Using a piece of paper that represents the plane we live on, elements like soil, quinoa, flowers etc are placed in a mandala,  that represent nature, animals, abundance, the richness that the earth, sky, stars, sun, water and all elements give us. ..etc….

Then each person enters their own wishes by breathing their prayers into something from nature. This is placed into the despacho, which is then closed up and either buried or burnt. Releasing the prayers….creating abundance and manifestation.

Most participants walk away feeling heart-filled, peaceful and grounded. Or notice the energy has shifted or feels different: calm or peaceful on the land that has been held in focus.

Despachos can be done for Indiviuals, specific groups, or public events.

See the events calendar below for the the next despacho events for Full Moon, Eclipse or Solstice, etc.

And here’s a video for more…..


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