It amazes me that wherever I travel in the world, people know who ‘Pachamama’ is! They know the word, but names like Gaia, and Mother Earth for example are names known well in the Western language- the english language. But Pachamama comes from a rare language! It is Qechua, the language spoken by the ancient indigenous Q’eros who live high in the Andes Mountains of Peru. (and Aymara in Bolivia) .

This name has gently filtered into our everyday language, without us being aware. Along with a definition that is generally accepted that she is the Earth element. …and people will talk about the Pachamama- or Mama Pacha when they want to ground, or connect with the element/being of earth.

And this IS important part of who she is, it supports to remember our connection, and build relationship with the earth too. But what needs to be addressed is the true definition of the name Pachamama, because it opens doors beyond our current understanding of the earth separate to us. -To a knowing of just how intertwined WITHIN each other we are.

In Qechua ‘Pacha’ means time and space.

So Mama Pacha is the Mother of all time and space.

In the cosmovision of the Andes, God/the Divine consciousness is at the core of all existence– but once the miracle of life materialises into any form, it becomes this Divine Feminine Consciousness – Mama Pacha. This feminine Goddess is the creator of the material world on all levels of reality – whether this planet or out in the galaxies. So Pachamama is the Mother of time and space, of both the physical planet and the Goddess archetype. Universal feminine energy in time and space of our living, breathing cosmos.

So when we box her into the earth element costume as our physical planet, we limit her power and ours. She is way beyond that-  AND she supports us way beyond simply grounding with the element of Earth…..through her we birth our creations, we manifest and are nurtured on ALL levels of our being.

Through her support, we manifest our dreams and callings, but WITH her, we manifest in balance with all of life too!

It is not only about the abundance that is available to us through her power, but that all of nature is taken into consideration when we birth something new. Creating within the family of all living creatures prevents imbalances, consumerism and separation!

The destruction we see now on our planet is from this separation, as human ego selfishly overrides and destroys, with it’s greed & narrow minded view of the planet- being a separate entity we can dominate. These negative, power hungry impulses act, regardless of nature, manifesting far and wide – and deep. But generally long term, collapse later, destroying nature and life in the process.Turtle mother of the earth archetype

Through CoronaVirus and climate change issues sweeping the world over, (which are connected) we see Pachamama and nature, cleansing away all the consumerism that is spread materially and energetically from decades back.

In the grand scheme of things, this is why the lineages of the Inka culture hid in the high Andes mountains for hundreds of years – knowing that one day humanity would need to remember their true place in the family of nature. A time we would be so out of balance, it would cause destruction to the very home we need. Our planet.

Their ancient practices shared with initiates like myself, who teach and pass on this ancient knowledge to Western minds, not only wake us up to remember our place within the family of nature, but to be at one with the whole cosmos through relationship with our Pachamama.

Pampamesayoks with initiations and years and years of learning, hold the focus as caretaker of the land, doing ceremony and healing with the cycles and archetypes of the natural world; keepers of the earth & the 3 worlds ….building relationship with all aspects of nature & Pachamama.

When enough of us (of the human race) have remembered our place in the cosmos, pioneered a revolution of heart-centred & holographical connection with the Pachamama, imagine what a different world it will be!

These sound like great concepts, but I can assure you the outcomes are very practical.

Students who feel stuck or depressed, after practising, move through and out of old stuck ways to releasing the past. Gaining deeper insight and wisdom.

For some, they get clear about their next steps and purposes!

Physical pains shift or disappear.

Opportunities show up they hadn’t even conceived of- like they are being guided- and to something beyond their limited view. Bringing in work, promotions, new relationships, community- it seems Pachamama just knows what each persons requires, in a way that serves the collective at the same time!

So dare to stretch your understanding beyond a limited view of Pachamama as ‘only’ the earth, and welcome yourself into the family of our beautiful cosmos.Not only as a new concept to your mind, but embodied into your life and environment (!) with practices and real relationship bonding, through the Pachamama workshop- taught by Karen Weinman, a Pampamesayoq of the Andean Lineage of the Q’ero Shamans of Peru.