Back To Earth


A mini Workshop for Times of Crisis

This 3 session workshop is created for those of you who are feeling the heaviness, or the ‘traumatic’ energies of our current times. Needing some support to release anxiety, fear or frustration for example, and be refreshed to handle the next thing that is thrown at us.

These ancient Andean practices offer us each an opportunity to not only connect and ground with the Earth directly, but Pachamama offers us support in lifting and releasing this heaviness.

The first 2 sessions will offer you many practices, shared as part of the Pachamama Workshop, but without the Andean theory. I have simplified these sessions and practices, together with the guidance of Pachamama to offer this at this time.

These are tools for life ….but more importantly, they are tools for the current crisis and global change we find ourselves living in.

For those of you who wish to then continue and deepen your relationship with Pachamama, once you have insight from these amazing basic practices, can then continue with the rest of the group into the Pachamama workshop experience.

Although it may offer an introduction to the longer workshop, to discover the power of working with Pachamama and the Andean medicine, this workshop is designed to stand alone, a mini workshop for grassroots people who need support in these times.

You will :

  • receive insight/basic foundation into the core connection, of nature and the Andean wisdom on offer
  • practices for grounding
  • building a relationship with the Earth
  • discovering your place in the Nature family
  • an understanding of energy dynamics is fundamental
  • a practical way to release the heaviness/ or whatever you feel you are carrying
  • gain more energy and life force
  • expand your awareness to feel connected to all directions and worlds
  • returning you to your centre- your home. … offering a rest in simply ‘being’

There will be ripple effects from these practices that will support healing, which  I will prepare you for, and discuss. With a continued support system through our monthly meetings afterwards.

On a regular basis, I hear from my Andean Students how they “don’t know how they would’ve survived, if it hadn’t been for these kinds of practices, or from knowing Pachamama at the level they do”. See the testimonial page if you wish to read them.

I hope you grab this opportunity for beautiful insight and being.  And click here if you would like to know more about the Pachamama Workshop, which is a life changing and awe inspiring experience to travel deeper into a life long, transformative relationship with Mother Nature herself.

These practices are a true gift, and I offer them in the wish that they support you all in the Great Pachakuti – this time of great change and awakening!



August 12, 19, & 25th

evenings from 6pm

(or later start if requested (flexible to international time zones)

R1800/ €120/ $140

Payment by eft, Credit card or Paypal

Small group size for authentic facilitation

Online for classes, with homework in between 


Since we started working with Earth element I’ve got a job, start making more money in my other job, much easier expressing and crying to release, also had a lot of dreams. I feel so connected to the nature and feeling being part of it. My gratefulness and gratitude rise up. It’s just amazing what you’re offering, Karen. So deeply grateful! ? ?

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