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About Karen

The face behind Miskayani Medicine 

I hope you will watch this video of me introducing myself. I have been a teacher and facilitator in Western healing arts for 30 years, as  Kinesiologist, Energy worker, soul Healer, Transformation Game facilitator from Findhorn Foundation and teacher of Mind development.

BUT Peru has called me since I was a child. This tradition is like home for me, and over the last 14 years, the medicine has become my strength, my focal point and the base from which I do all workshops and healing now! 

Wise Q’eros (Andes Mountain people), mystical Peru – but MAINLY Pachamama has heard me when I asked to be of service. So that now I am her voice, her healer – and a bridge to introducing others to her beauty, healing and power.

Slowly as I absorb (and remember) this ancient art, so my purpose has grown to supporting others, healing the collective and nature.

We all have our part to play in raising consciousness, clearing our wounds, healing, growing and expanding our true Soul’s expression- right! And so with great passion, I assist this – as it a dance done not only with humans, but with Pachamama, the Earth, the Mountains, Nature Spirits & all of Divine consciousness. 

It is very much a heart centred path that I feel incredibly grateful to be on- and to share with you.

 These last years the feminine path and lineages have become more and more predominant too!….and now the Teqse Nustas are initiating me. These are global nature beings of the elements, as well as the Stars – deeply profound and powerful. I am grateful to Don Mariano to have guided me through this process- along with the Ñustas of course, who have taught, healed and guided me from within.

 Preparing me to offer this to you. So watch this space. ….more workshops & healing sessions on their way. 

 *I was called to a deeper commitment when I was hit by lighteninga sign from Nature which calls initiates to this path of service as a mystic/priest/shaman.

  •  Over 14 years, I am officially- and authentically via Q’ero lineages initiates & trained as: 
  • A Pampamesayoq: a priest who works mainly with Pachamama, carries a Mesa (‘medicine bundle’), holds ceremony for the community (Allyu) & facilitates healing or connection with natures beings and elements, within oneself and then initiating students, etc
  • A Chakaruna (literally ‘bridge’ person) -holds the space for both the andean medicine -and the Western absorbtion. See below
  • and of course a facilitator of the Goddess Rites: Nusta Karpays, and other Star rites etc etc 

Karen at the top Ollantaytambo​Many years ago, I was invited to pilgrimage with the Qeros high in the Andes to Sacred places & to receive rites, to be the light for Africa.

 After much purification & learning, I was first initiated under Apu Ausengate, the ‘Great Teacher’ Mountain of the Sacred Valley of Cuzco. 

I am constantly guided & learn from within, under the guidance of Pachamama & her nature Spirits: the Apus – mainly Apu Ausengate, & many other Apus. Now the Andean Goddesses too, amongst many others.


I have trained with a few teachers carrying lineages of Don Benito Qoriwaman, Don Manual Qespe (the Great teacher/Kamasqa)  some Peruvian, some Western teachers – but mainly only now, the Q’ero and Don Mariano. I insist on authentic teaching and lineages only now.