Andean Rites, Practices & Ceremony for Beginners

Curious about this ancient path that embodies Nature?

Not sure where to start?

This 8 week workshop is an introduction to all the different aspects of  Andean Medicine. The very basis always begins with calling Sacred Space- a container that’s not about the directions themselves, but the archetypes of the animal kingdoms, the Earth and the heavens that hold a nourishing foundation from which to leap from.

The ancient Inka had no writing or books! – instead, everything was taught, remembered and passed down for 100’s of years through oral teachings and experience. You may recognise these archetypes we will work with, because they are in our reality, your head understands them, but you cannot truly know them until you have interacted with their consciousness and embodied them with practice.

So this workshop will offer you a gentle opportunity to explore from your heart space, expanding your consciousness and opening to a world of nature you didn’t know exists.

We will meet 1 evening per week online, to exchange ideas, energies and learn practices for you to experience each day of the week until we meet again. And then sharing with each other to tap into Ayni, the wisdom of the group. As the group grows, we each grow. As we each grow, we nourish each other and our world’s.

Giving and receiving is Ayni – the very core of Andean medicine. And we will begin to live Ayni for our 8 week workshop experience.

Opening a window of perception into the richness, healing and the growth that Nature’s pure essence offers ALL of us, through these ancient Inka practices. Given to Karen by the Q’eros of the Andes Mountains of Peru, in the wish that they are shared widely.

Through this workshop, you’ll :

  • receive insight & experience sacred space
  • explore connection to nature via offerings of Andean wisdom
  • receive practices for grounding and oneness
  • begin to build a relationship with the Earth
  • discovering your place in the Nature family
  • learning about Andean cosmology
  • experience a living prayer ceremony through a Haywariquy/Despacho
  • expand your awareness to feel connected to all directions and archetypes eg. Jaguar, Pachamama, Hummingbird etc.
  • returning you to your centre in the great cosmology of our Universe

There will be ripple effects from interacting with these archetypes and practices that will support healing, which  I will prepare you for, a long with a heightened view of life. With a continued support system afterwards with our community of Paqo’s, Andean students. See the testimonial page if you wish to hear from previous students.

This path offers so many gifts- of connection with nature and her support. It brings transformation, raises our consciousness, brings balance to our interior space, while being connected to the Universe around us. Join us as we scratch the surface, and travel deeper into a beautiful realm of Nature & her cosmology.




October 12th – December 7th 2021


Tuesday evenings from 6pm (SAST)

R2850/ $210/ €180

Payment by eft (SA), Credit card or Paypal

Small group size for authentic facilitation

Online for classes,

with homework in between 

It’s like I got a new family- a spiritual family. I felt held by the Nature energies – and by you Karen- thank you for your support. Your love & passion for these rites created such a beautiful foundation.

Wow I didn’t realise how powerful this would be. From the first session things began to change in my phyical world. Healing is occuring. The Serpent archetype arrived and began clearing out. So awesome.  

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