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Here Nature and I, offer transformative experiences,

Returning you home to the Heart of Nature.

Because when we embody this way of being once again,

we discover that the Earth can heal us (on any level)

and that we heal the Earth in the process.

Always facilitated by Pachamama and I, Karen Weinman

an Andean mountain medicine women and Lineage holder,

we invite you on an empowering journey

 to remember your true nature,

and a familiar sense of belonging again.

Where to Start?

On this page are a few options if you are new to this nature-l medicine- the video says more….. Experiential events like Despacho ceremony evenings, give great insight into the healing that’s possible. And a simple, risk free way to explore this sacred art. Or the 7 week Pachamama Foundation  workshop for grounding, energy management, and learning about Nature and the Andean’s cosmovision. This workshop also gives tools and opportunities for relationship building with Nature herself. Want to go beyond your head – really bypass the ego from the start? Receive Rites and transmissions like the 7 feminine Rites of the Ñusta Karpays from an authentic Pamapamesayoq- Lineage Holder.

Here are 4 streams to experience this beautiful medicine, which calls you?

Andean Nature Medicine

Here we focus on connection with Nature, through the Pachamama workshop; the Heart of Nature Programme, which brings soul-deep transformation and a return home.

Water and Earth Healing

Transforming Water and Earth requires group and individuals to heal these elements within. Join me for group Despacho ceremony, and Healing Our Water workshops

Ignite The Sacred Feminine

We all have the capacity for masculine and feminine within, but thanks to Western conditioning we are out of balance or suppressed. Begin the healing and joy-filled journey with nurturing from the Ñustas, feminine beings that support this perfect balance in Nature

Events and Retreats

Join me for a once off event, for a taster or support to connect with Nature regularly. Ñusta Karpay workshops, (7 Rites of the Inca Goddesses), or a Full Moon Despacho – or the Sacred Nature Retreat

All Workshops and Upcoming events

Blogs and YouYube videos from the Miskayani Medicine Channel

Salka: Purpose for Enriched Living

Salka: Purpose for Enriched Living

At the core is an exquisite way of being. Salka has become domesticated and smothered by Western /ego ways of living. Andean Mountain Medicine offers a way to return and experience home.

Nature Beings

Nature Beings

A Video from the Miskayani You Tube channel about Nature Beings, from Andean Mountain medicine's perspective. https://youtu.be/H7frfLfsHKk

Exploring Authentic Power

Exploring Authentic Power

There is a transformative theme that weaves through the Andean medicine offerings, that is deeply supported by nature. That theme is Power. The Andean practices & ceremonies, the rites connecting us to Nature Beings, the relationships that ensue with nature, ALL...

Beyond The Pachamama you know!

Beyond The Pachamama you know!

It amazes me that wherever I travel in the world, people know who ‘Pachamama’ is! They know the word, but names like Gaia, and Mother Earth for example are names known well in the Western language- the english language. But Pachamama comes from a rare language! It is...

My Big WHY Andean?

My Big WHY Andean?

For 27 years now I have practiced as a healer, facilitator and Teacher. In that time I have facilitated with the most amazing modalities. Modalites that have- and still do bring miraculous results. ....but here I am, putting my full weight in the Andean sacred...

A Prayer for the Earth

A Prayer for the Earth

Dear God, As we walk this earth we have lost our connection to our roots. We have lost our connection to Mother Nature. In attempts to grow and find comfort, we have lost the ability to listen and hear the needs of the forests, the mountains, and the seas. We were...

Most likely (like me), you come from a background where you’ve done the ‘healing’ work, or the manifestation with your mind, – but most likely in a ‘Western way’.  And wondering why we still feel like something is missing inside?

Our current civilisation is so conditioned to be heady, ego-driven – grown out of masculine forces, …even in our emotional realms we analyse this with our heads This head-orientated way of being is not improving our world – more the opposite. It is creating controlling systems, destruction and manipulation. We have slowly lost touch with our indigenous roots, instead conditioned to live upstairs in our minds.

The place where we are free, wild and richly overgrown with forests of life inside – is at our heart. Where our inner Nature is untouched and honoured – is our authentic expression.

So we have to go beyond the head.

Bypass the ego even.

 holderalsoSo I am aware that this path is unusual. It sounds so simple, too simple – and unknown at the same time. And it is! … we have forgotten our connection to nature within. We can look AT Nature, it is familiar to us….but it is all viewed as the outside. We have lost touch with our indigenous roots, as all Ancient Tribes will tell you, And with that, have lost a knowing of our place in the cosmos, and how to communicate with it!

Nature is powerful, and brings great wisdom in supporting us to grow in each of our own perfect timing. Blossoming into each unique essence that we are.

After teaching many students, (see the testimonial page) I see the incredible transformation that Pachamama and Nature facilitates when we remember our place. Traveling form the head to the heart.

These workshops are a unique opportunity to return home to who you truly are.*

You will discover your roots and find your true voice.

In doing so, we help the collective to wake up to the beauty of who we are within! 

*It is important to note- that this is my speciality: I am accredited via Pachamama (lightning) and also a Q’ero lineage holder now (see my about page) and have developed to become specialised in Munay medicine – the heart medicine.

Unfortunately there is a corrupt, materialistic following that teaches Andean medicine without any lineage wisdom, initiation or permission. And so it’s important for me to tell you the authenticity of my medicine. We are not going to learn lots of theory and get stuck in the head, there are no certificates or shamanic accolades. I am a healer, both of humans and nature where we have destroyed it.  I am not here to qualify – but to support you and your soul to heal. To heal the collective.

So these workshops I facilitate are not the standard Andean methodologies out there, as I am an accredited Pampamesayoq, and know the authentic ways.   It is an opportunity not to be missed.

So listen deeply, as your heart will guide you. It’s calling is Nature speaking from within. 

As we travel this passage of great change on our planet, the time of the Taripay Pacha, the Q’eros & Inkas offer us ancient tools to remember our connection with nature, and live from the very heart of who we each are. Supporting our planet to raise conscious and remember place- our oneness in the great cosmos, at a time when it can be very heavy, filled with suffering and little hope. This connection we build with nature and Pachamama brings much light – helping you to see the way forward and grow to a new you – but also brings light into the world.

It’s a win win for everyone.

So, how to stay in touch- here’s some daily links:

 YouTube Channel: Miskayani Medicine

Instagram and Facebook 

I look forward to interacting with each of you as you discover this exquisite path.

with deep Munay (Love)