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Here’s what’s available online, or workshops together on site/in person, short and year long programmes.

*During COVID it is possible to do most of these programmes onilne.

Travelling to facilitate groups in the US, EU, Peru or South Africa etc will resume, once restrictions have lifted.

In the meantime, online works just as well, if not stronger! And most participants have said they prefer it to have their own space. Zoom does not have to be a mental or limiting platform in anyway, we can go to many depths together, especially as Nature is everywhere supporting the unfolding of us beings. ;o)

These workshops are for your personal journey. It takes decades to train Pampamesayoqs etc, and this is where we can start. Letting the journey guide us forward.

This medicine is not western in anyway, it takes time and patience as we build relationships, get to know new ways of being- and learning a language that is very ancient. It comes to the West at a time of climate change and destruction, when we have lost touch with the natural world we are part of- and now we need to pioneer this way of living back into our human race. 

Stand Alone Workshops:

The Pachamama workshop: 

The foundation workshop for participants who are curious, or want to go a step at a time. Online, and live, it is the basis for the year programmes….and something people come to after Munay Ki or Nusta Karpays as it has great tools.

On this workshop you’ll begin a very important process- to open and build relationship with the Earth; learning practical tools and techniques; embody Ayni (giving and receiving), building life force to nurture yourself, and communicating with living energy-  becoming one with nature.

As well as learn more about the cosmovision, this workshop will serve you as you continue afterwards for years to come as you transform your life and get to know the nature beings- starting with the most important one- Pachamama!  ……click here to learn more

The Earth Within: A Ceremonial Journey Through the Elements!

This online workshop, combines the ancient practices & rituals from the ancestral lineages of the Andes mountains of Peru, AND the dynamic movement medicine of 5 Rhythms®.

We’ll consciously weave, dance and integrate the elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire through our inner realms.

Facilitated by Karen Weinman & Jup Jansonius, with live experiences during a wholesome workshop, return us to a place of harmony, creativity and balance with our inner nature.

The 11 week workshop begins March 16th- but for those of you who want an introductory opportunity, there is a Taster evening 23rd February 2021……..click here to learn more about both

Ñusta Karpays- Ancient Inka Rites to Ignite Your Sacred Feminine

Ancient Qero prophecy has spoken of the return of the feminine to the Earth.

The Nusta Karpays are a series of 7 stunning initiations & ceremonies that connect us to the feminine powers of nature, balance our masculine & feminine energies, accelerating our personal & global healing.

These rites are for ALL genders, there are no prerequisites and can only be done in person, privately or in groups. These are not the standard rite workshop that are found in the Western world, but something I travelled to Peru for, and received directly from the most beautiful and authentic Q’ero teacher- one of the last genuine Kurak Akuyeks. I went to receive for my own growth, but He insisted on teaching me the process, saying I needed to continue to initiate others outside of Peru.I humbly accepted continuing the lineage …..click here to learn more

Healing With the Elements

Opening to the Healing Power of Nature!-  with Andean Practices & Ceremony

This workshop is an opportunity to restore yourself to wholeness, by healing with the elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. In such a way that we do not do it alone, but includes the beings of nature in the process! It is a profound workshop, as we discover nature helping us to step away from negative ego traits to positive ones that encourage a new way of being- of living from the heart! Nature transforms us in ways we didn’t know we needed, until we look back after the healing. A great beginner’s workshop for people new to this medicine. Click here for more info…..

Paqo Programme

Consisting of 3 modules, beginning with the Pachamama Workshop. The other 2 modules, cannot be done with out the other 2 and in this order. The Paqo programme not only covers the left, right and middle paths, but also a module to ground and support your transformation with practical tools.

Click here for the overview of the year programme.

Otherwise if you click on each module below, for more information….

Next steps after Paqo Programme :

‘Advanced’ programme – Direct Revelation with the Elements:

Getting to know each element with direct personal engagement. All classes out IN Nature. 

‘Advanced’ programme – Journey with the Teqse Ñustas! 

Developing our feminine within and out (regardless of our sex), we open to the Ñustas of the Lineages and the Teqse – Global – Goddesses. Discovering their healing power and making offerings, together we explore the experiences and open to nature in a way we didn’t know was possible.mes. 

Click here for the overview of the year programme.

We all are called to this medicine by our hearts, maybe not always understanding this consciously. So there are a few doors in -whether you choose to come in with something you know, like the element workshop. Or the Feminine or Munay Ki rites – or you are ready to leap! and go deeper into the medicine from the Andes- then the Pachamama workshop is the place to start. To discuss it with me, please contact me here….

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