Transformation Game


For online applications, you need to have played the Transformation Game live with a group before.

Then we can play Solo online, discovering ways to go much deeper within to find the tools, the inner support and the healing required to take responsibility for our own healing.

…and if you choose, after that a beautiful version called the ‘Earth Solo Transformation Game‘. In this time and age, this Pachamama Game (as we lovingly call it) is an incredible version to play-¬† WITH the guidance of the Earth- as we transform yourselves together with the larger cosmos of which we are part.

These are very beautiful containers within which to deeply transform your life in any area you choose.

Sessions are held over a few weeks, to give you the time and space to integrate.

Here is the link to my personal website which goes in depth on the Game.

(If you would like to create a group to play, please contact me directly after perusing this link and it’s information. )


You will transform in a way that is guided by your Soul. …and in the latter version, together with the power of the Earth, for a holographic experience and transformation!