A Ceremonial Journey Through the Elements


An online workshop beginning 22nd September 2020
Facilitated by Karen Weinman & Jup Jansonius :
With ancient practices from the Q’eros of Andes mountains of Peru, and the dynamic movement medicine of 5 Rhythms, we’ll consciously weave and integrate the elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire through our inner realms!
Join us on this workshop as we travel through all the elements, returning ourselves to a place of harmony, creativity and balance with our inner nature.
At a time when we may be feeling off balance, disconnected and pulled in all directions, we really need nature and her power. This is an opportunity over 11 weeks, to give ourselves the space to take care and feel part of the whole again, in a heart-filled way.

Ground and embrace the Earth within

Soothe your Waters

BE the Fire

Cleanse and delight as the Air

Integrating and dancing your elements into harmony.

Your facilitators will hold the container and teach you ways that not only will bring a balance in the moment, but leave you with tools for the future.
Karen Weinman –a Pampamesayoq, Andean healer and priest, with 30 years experience facilitating transformation and nature-based teachings, will guide you through meditations and practices, introducing you to a path of connection with Pachamama and all of nature’s elements. The Andean tradition encourages us to remember our place in the family of nature.
And Jup Jansonius who has been dancing for 22 years, is an accredited 5 Rhythms Teacher who profoundly guides us through the 5 stages of flowing, staccato, chaos, lyrical and stillness.
This shamanic movement practice of being IN your body- that ignites creativity, connection and community,
is a perfect match with the fundamentals of the Andean Tradition and nature!
Incorporating the energy & strength of each element with movement in our bodies and ancient Andean know-how,
to reconnect us to the nature-al wisdom of our bodies, to unleash healing power.
You need no experience in either modality, nor need to be a dancer.
Just a willingness to bring your body, mind and spirit present to this workshop with an openness
to the guidance of your facilitators -and Nature’s powerful wisdom!

Karen Weinman

Mountain lover & Earth Warrior, currently living in south Africa, communting between Peru and back for pilgrimages, initiations and training with my Q’ero teachers. 

Passionate about sacred medicine arts, Q’eros of Peru, Inkan medicine & conscious healing.

Originally an Interior Architect for the outer world, after 30 years as a Kinesiologist, Soul Healer, Mind development trainer & Transformation Game facilitator from Findhorn- and healer, teacher and priest in the Andean Tradition.

A Chakaruna -bridging the Andean traditions and the Western world together, as an interior architect for the inner world, the collective and our planet.

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September 22nd – December 1st

Tuesdays at 7pm

19:00 SAST – SA / CET – European time

€250 for 11 sessions

(Payment plans available)

Credit card, paypal or Bank transfer in SA

To book your place:

We will use Zoom as our online channel, giving you the privacy of your own space.
For the movement sessions you will need to connect a (little) speaker to your computer, and create a space to be able to move in your kitchen, your hallway -your lounge.

This series counts as 20 hrs elective towards the 5rhythms teacher training.

You don’t need a large space – be creative, and create your private altar space.

Each fortnight we’ll interact within and dance with an energy of our inner nature element- supporting ourselves to travel home to our centre!

Beyond Pachamama
Jup Jansonius

Jup Jansonius:

The 5Rhythms® is my medicine, my metaphor for life.
By getting in motion I relax, experience more strength and focus, am more creative and gain new insights and move lighter through tougher times. It silences thoughts that do not serve me and creates space for new insights. I live so I dance!

In 1998 I discovered the 5Rhythms® and have danced and followed workshops all over the world. Since 2014 I am an accredited teacher.
In 2018 I also got my accreditation for the Heartbeat level. Meanwhile I give workshops at home and abroad.
Besides dance, I give leadership and team trainings, yoga and am a DJ.