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Pachamama :

The Live Online Workshop for Earth Warriors
“We as westerners, have forgotten our true connection within nature.
For hundreds of years our ancestors have ignored and slowly lost this knowledge. 
It’s time to remember.”

Hundreds of years ago, the Q’eros of the Andes Mountains foresaw a time of great change on our planet. When the Spanish invaded, they retreated high into the mountains to protect their ancient Inkan ways. They knew one day far in the future, we in the West would need to remember these ways to bring harmony, balance, union and love back to life.

Planetary destruction brings an opportunity for awakening, not just in our economies and dysfunctional structures of civilisation, but also to our healing and relationship with Pachamama, (the Earth) and the realm of nature.

Where we may feel overwhelmed by fear, disease and uncertainty; practices that support grounding; release of Hucha (heavy energy of any kind); revitalising our physical bodies, and life force are welcomed… returning us to a more feminine, heart centered way of life.

Through her Andean Mountain teachers, Karen, and initiated Pampamesayoq brings you an online self-development training offering insight – beyond your imagination – into a world of living energy and nature beings, whose wish is to support us, changing our ways from destruction, to consciously feeding and nurturing Planet earth.

Mastering this Living Energy is life changing.

You will learn practical tools and techniques; build relationship with the Earth; embody Ayni (giving and receiving) by communicating with living energy, and in turn becoming one with nature.

As you interact with nature, it will clear away hucha (heavy energy) raising your vibration and life force. This wise living energy will grow you where is best for you, in the order best for you.

Learn this exquisite way of being, a ‘system’ and energy language you’ve probably never heard of it’s so ancient. All that’s required is new senses, humility, deep listening, time, patience…. and love.

We will meet online, for 7 weeks, allowing time in between to practice, build and explore.
You will learn:
  • About living energy, how to know energy and to move it
  • Being immersed in sacred space the Inkan way
  • Building relationship with the earth, how to nurture her, bringing healing, connection and deep guidance
  • Why the Q’eros WANT us Westerners to learn these feminine practices, their history and rich cosmovision
  • 7 Levels of Consciousness
  • A ceremony of living prayers
  • Meditations and practices for: healing on any level of our being; grounding; rejuvenating our life force; aligning ourselves with the forces of nature and spirit
  • Building creative energy to manifest from – a system that brings grace to manifesting dreams in cooperation with Pachamama
  • Discover energy anatomy and personal power structures unknown to us in the Western world


Next workshop h Karen, you will be learning from the Andes Mountain Lineage initiates, known as the Q’ero, and so come from the most genuine sources possible. I have learnt and been initiated by the Q’eros directly.

They practice from within, as opposed to other lineages in Peru, who use plant medicine from the Jungle, or the Laika (sorcerers) who use signs & magic etc.

Qero’s focus on living from the heart and raising consciousness – while living a grounded everyday lifestyle. Different to other known lineages from Peru/South America. Preserved from any outside influence, they live high in the Andes & have been waiting for the right timing, when humanity was ready to remember and shift. That time is now!

These Mountain Lineages offer a sacred invisible art, which is very heart-centered, interconnected & incorporating.

You will see how your heart recognises these ways of being.

Like my wise, old Q’ero teachers, my focus is on preserving this tradition & staying aligned to it’s true essence. I aspire to bring pure teachings to you.

I, like the Q’eros, envision true community:

of us at one with Nature, exchanging love & natural power – raising consciousness as we evolve our 3rd level consciousness towards 6th level beings.


Listen to your heart as you are called to these teachings.  Even though you may not understand, it always knows!


Join us for this Online course held on Thursday evenings- 6 – 9pm (SAST), over 7 sessions.

Next workshop : 11 March 2021


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