Online trainings available for wherever you are in the world.  If you have reliable access to the internet for audio and video connection, you can take part in these trainings.

In the beginning for the Andean trainings, I thought it was better to be in the room with the facilitator, as it is of course, in Peru ;o) – but that is not always possible….

With Coronavirus, a door was opened where I had ‘no choice’ but to work online, and it opened wonders! It goes deeper online. Practices, techniques, rites & transmissions can be shared online. There are very few limitations with the power of intention. 

So find above a list of online workshops – some with scheduled times, and some will unfold as the group gathers. So let me know what interests you and I will keep you updated. 

Currently programmes happen when a group has gathered in the same time zone. And then from there we find dates and times that work for all. So you won’t see a start date, but rather contact me to join the others.

I do travel to other countries to teach, very often a spin off from online students. Contact me to start coordinating.