Empowerment Rites: The Munay Ki

Imagine planting seeds of consciousness within you, to open up your path in a respectful way, in the perfect timing to your own needs & growth. Expanding your potential & connection!  In this Andean workshop we are going to plant, learn how to nourish these seeds & integrate their power wisely.
A great introduction to the Andean tradition and it’s transmissions of Energy. Supporting you to grow new energy systems within, building new relationships, opening a feeling of belonging within the Nature Realms -sometimes for the first time as Westerners.
The Munay-Ki is a series of nine Empowerment rites based on some of the initiatory practices of the Shamans of Peru.
 “Munay” in Quechua means “love and will”, together with “ki” combine to give the meaning: energy of love. Opening to love within.
 Using the Munay Ki as a vehicle to teach you, these initiations will gently (yet profoundly) introduce you to :
  • Awaken the healer within you
  • Build belts into your energy field for protection
  • Transmitting 7 archetypal energies into your chakras, to clean, open relationship and discover guidance. These include Animal  archetypes and other levels of consciousness.
  • Awaken the ability to perceive the invisible world of energy and spirit.
These above are the foundation for then receiving the 5 Rites that are given to initiates as they walk the path of Andean ‘Shamanism’:
  • Daykeeper Rite:              -This connects you to a lineage of master healers. Heals the feminine within, step beyond fear and practice peace.
  • Wisdomkeeper Rite:       -Connects you to a lineage that helps you heal from the past –and future. Heals the inner masculine, step outside of time to remember infinity.
  • Earthkeeper Rite:           – Connects you to a lineage of Archangels & Guardians of our galaxy.
  • Starkeeper Rite:              -This Rite anchors you safely and youthfully during this time of change, so your physical body can evolve to become homo luminous!
  • Creator Rite:                     -Awaken the Creator -light within, which brings forth a sense of Stewardship for all creation as well as a connection to the source.

Originally designed by Alberto Villoldo as a ‘package’ to offer to Westerners to get to know Andean mysticism, Karen will bring authenticity from her own transmission connections in Peru.

I will share with you a wholesome workshop, with a strength of energetic transmissions- AND practical theory!

The Andean traditions are mainly oral & energetic (nothing is in writing) – so it is to be… experienced, discussed  & practiced.
Although there will be notes (it is part of Volloldo’s offering), it will be focused on experience & embodiment.
Therefore, the workshop group size will be kept small and intimate:  4 to 6 maximum
To give you time to integrate, the Rites will be given over 3 separate days – not one weekend as originally taught. 
We’ll begin at 10am, finish about 4pm each time.
I am very flexible in creating the times that suit you. Generally weekends are best, but I have also done during the week – days as well as evenings.
Private sessions are also available.
Please contact me for costs. 
You will be learning and experiencing an ancient path to healing & connection. It is very exciting and beautiful. … integration will happen in your best timing – for months and years afterwards. Bringing everything together in the right timing.
 This will invite you to master yourself as you evolve….supporting you to find balance, healing & a beautiful sense of belonging –
as you melt more into nature & learn about Ayni.
Ayni is Quechua for ‘path of reciprocity’
The above, does cover the exquisite content, but please feel free to email me if you have any questions.
It is time….
We are the change the world is looking for.