Welcome to Miskayani…..

A website for sharing the beautiful Andean Tradition. Authentically & powerfully.

A place for learning, teaching, community- and connecting with Pachamama and her Nature spirits etc. The ancient Inka path taught to me, Karen Weinman, by the wise Q’ero’s and their lineages I have been initiated into.

Miskayani was an ancient community of highly advanced Feminine Warriors -a legend passed down through the ancient Q’eros themselves. They practiced feminine, spiritual  ways in all aspects of life, bringing balance to the feminine and masculine.

In Qechua ‘Miska‘ refers to the most tender first shoot of a newly germinated plant. Miski is sweet. So Miskyani means, one possessed with the quality of that new tenderness. Quoting from E. Jenkins’ book, where Juan (one of my teachers) explains: ‘The city of Miskayani could be considered something like the feminine counterpart to the lost city of Shambala, because it is said to contain the most elevated female spiritual knowledge.’

Miskayani were highly intelligent and very powerful. Qualities that regardless of what sex we are, we can each access and expand.

As we travel this passage of great change on our planet, the time of the Taripay Pacha, the Q’eros offer us ancient tools to remember our connection with nature, and live from the very heart of who we each are. Bringing us personal power, balance and belonging!

Below you will find Blogs that speak to the foundation of this exquisite mystical practice.

Along with many other ways for you to connect and begin the journey inwards with nature, herself. As this community grows, I look forward to interacting with each of you as you discover this exquisite path.

with deep Munay (Love)


My Big WHY Andean?

My Big WHY Andean?

For 27 years now I have practiced as a healer, facilitator and Teacher. In that time I have facilitated with the most amazing modalities. Modalites that have- and still do bring miraculous results. ....but here I am, putting my full weight in the Andean sacred...

A Prayer for the Earth

A Prayer for the Earth

Dear God, As we walk this earth we have lost our connection to our roots. We have lost our connection to Mother Nature. In attempts to grow and find comfort, we have lost the ability to listen and hear the needs of the forests, the mountains, and the seas. We were...